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  • trick to sleep early, sleep, are you a night owl this one trick can help advance sleep time by 2 hours, Good sleep

    Are You a Night Owl? This One Trick Can Help Advance Sleep Time by 2 Hours 2019-06-11 13:05:23

    Are you struggling to sleep at nights? A study suggests that it is possible to retrain yourself to go to sleep earlier in just three weeks, without any drugs or other drastic actions involved. Shifting to an earlier sleep schedule...

    Keywords: how to sleep fast, home remedies for good sleep, how to advance sleep time by 2 hours, sleeping tips

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    effects of less sleep, effects of less sleep, less sleep increase risk of obesity, Good sleep

    Less Sleep Increase Risk Of Obesity? 2017-04-12 10:40:19

    A study conducted at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia showed that the people who sleep less tend to weigh heavier than those who sleep more. A clinical investigation, which included thousand subjects, reported that “total sleep time...

    Keywords: effects of less sleep, effects of less sleep, Sleeping Less Increase Risk Of Obesity, Sleeping Less Increase Risk Of Obesity

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    Sleep in Children articles, Sleep in Children news, fewer sleep hours in children can cause long term damage, Good sleep

    Fewer Sleep Hours In Children Can Cause Long-Term Damage 2022-08-01 14:36:10

    As per the recent study, children who are sleeping for less than nine hours will suffer in log term as it leads to cognitive impairment and mental problems along with causing less grey matter in the regions of the brain....

    Keywords: Sleep in Children breaking news, Sleep in Children, Sleep in Children research, Sleep in Children articles

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    list of bedtime rules, Bedtime rules, bedtime rules for happy married life, Good sleep

    Bedtime rules for happy married life! 2016-06-06 12:06:27

    Do you check your bedtime routine? Bedtime routine is not only important for good sleep but also very important for a good relationship. It is not only about the sex, it is about how you handle your most private time...

    Keywords: Bedtime love, list of bedtime rules, Bedtime love, list of bedtime rules

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    how to make yourself not eat, i want to lose weight but i can't stop eating junk food, 7 ways to stop craving for junk food, Good sleep

    7 Ways to Stop Craving for Junk Food 2019-08-28 08:55:35

    The yearning to lose weight and craving for unhealthy or junk food consistently goes hand in hand. The craving for junk foods is stronger than the normal drive and that craving is the only reason why people have problems losing...

    Keywords: why am i craving junk food lately, junk food craving, how to stop eating junk food at night, how to hate junk food

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    Pregnancy during COVID-19, Pregnancy tips, health tips and more to know for about pregnancy during covid 19 pandemic, Good sleep

    Health Tips And More To Know For About Pregnancy During COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-05-28 11:35:12

    Coronavirus is a vulnerable risk to human life all over the world. But we must learn to live with the virus until it goes far away from us. Being a pregnant woman, you must have been mindful all this while...

    Keywords: Pregnancy tips, Pregnancy during COVID-19, Pregnancy tips, Pregnancy during COVID-19

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