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  • Jagan, Jagan, congress at cross roads on ysr prospects, Image building

    Congress at cross roads, on YSR, `Prospects’!!! 2012-04-13 05:25:03

    The state which is mostly controlled by the High Command is right now in a perplexed state of affairs. Many things are embroiled which seem to aggravate the pains in the Congress camp. The outcome of the recent by-polls becomes...

    Keywords: cross Roads, Indomitable force, Jagan, cross Roads

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    exit polls 2014, bjp defeats congress, five things to expect from exit poll predictions, Image building

    Five things to expect from exit poll predictions 2014-05-14 06:01:27

    With the Great Indian elections finally over, the country now awaits the judgment day — the16th of May, Friday, 2014 with bated breath. With almost all polls predicting the worst drubbing for Congress and biggest triumph for BJP, it's now...

    Keywords: exit polls 2014, lok sabha 2014, bjp defeats congress, lok sabha 2014

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    Bhushan, Ajay Maken, aap govt to spend rs 500 crore on advertisements, Image building

    AAP govt to spend Rs 500 crore on advertisements 2015-07-02 10:04:33

    Aam Aadmi Party has reportedly set aside an amount of over Rs 500 crore to fund its radio advertisements in the current financial year, in which chief minister Arvind Kejriwal will address the people of Delhi and share his government's...

    Keywords: Congress, Bhushan, Kejriwal, Congress

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    Image building, Image building, asia cup 2012 india on image re building, Image building

    Asia Cup 2012: India on Image (Re)-Building 2012-03-13 09:34:47

    On heels is the Asia cup 2012, played from Sunday. It is high time that India tries getting back into the groove to bid Sachin Good bye, victoriously. Probably the back to back cricketing assignments must have taken the toll...

    Keywords: Image building, Image building, Retirement, Image building

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