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  • PM Modi, Indian Economy, nirmala sitharaman to give a speech in new delhi at 12 30 pm today, Indian economy

    Nirmala Sitharaman To Give A Speech In New Delhi At 12.30 PM Today 2020-11-12 05:06:27

    On Thursday, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to give a speech in New Delhi at 12.30 pm. She would discuss about what measures would the Government take to boost the Indian Economy. Highlights Currently, coronavirus related restrictions have reduced and...

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    Indian Economy, Indian Economy, indian economy picks up after nbfcs show signs of recovery, Indian economy

    Indian Economy Picks Up After NBFCs Show Signs Of Recovery 2020-12-07 06:37:47

    Asia’s third-largest economy, India, is rebounding from an unknown recession. Out of four, two indicators collated by Bloomberg shows that the state of shadow banks got better last month from October.Shares of such firms that are part of the benchmark...

    Keywords: NBFC, Indian Economy, Bloomberg, NBFC

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    Semicon India 2022 conference latest, Narendra Modi, narendra modi says that india has the fastest growing start ups, Indian economy

    Narendra Modi says that India has the Fastest Growing Start-ups 2022-04-30 10:29:12

    Indian economy is growing at a faster note said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He lauded the country's economic growth and he said that the consumption of the semi-conductors is expected to cross 110 billion USD by the year 2030....

    Keywords: Semicon India 2022 conference updates, Narendra Modi about Indian economy, Semicon India 2022 conference breaking updates, Narendra Modi

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    inflation, GDP, india gdp growth 2020 better or worse, Indian economy

    India GDP growth 2020- better or worse? 2020-12-18 10:06:22

    In the year 2020, there were short term disruptions for the Indian economy, largely due to the implementation of several policy reforms such as demonetization and the GST which is the Goods and Services Tax. The office market in 2019...

    Keywords: GDP, deflation, make in India, inflation

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    Indian Economy 2022, Indian Economy 2022 latest, indian economy reports a growth of 13 5 percent in the first quarter, Indian economy

    Indian Economy Reports a Growth Of 13.5 Percent in the First Quarter 2022-09-01 08:20:20

    The Indian economy grew by 13.5 percent during the April and June period which is the first quarter of the fiscal year and this is the fastest when compared to the last four quarters. There was better performance reported in...

    Keywords: Indian Economy 2022 new updates, Indian Economy 2022, Indian Economy 2022 breaking news, GDP

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    AP unemployment rate for April, AP unemployment rate news, ap and telangana unemployment rate climbs again, Indian economy

    AP and Telangana unemployment rate climbs again 2021-06-03 14:15:57

    With the arrival of the second wave of coronavirus, all the states had to impose lockdown. With several businesses staring at losses, several youngsters lost their jobs in various fields across the country. The rate of unemployment took a huge...

    Keywords: Telangana unemployment rate for April, AP unemployment rate, Telangana unemployment rate for April, Telangana unemployment rate currently

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