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  • Inflation rate in UK, IHS Markit, inflation rate rises in the united kingdom, Indian techies

    Inflation rate rises in the United Kingdom 2017-05-16 11:14:47

    According to official figures, the nation’s inflation rate rose last month to its highest since September 2013. Inflation now stands at 2.7 percent - up from 2.3 percent in March - and above the 2 percent target of Bank of...

    Keywords: United Kingdom news, Inflation in UK, Inflation in UK, IHS Markit

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    Indian moving to canada from usa, times of India, american dream for indian techies began to fade in 2018, Indian techies

    'American Dream' for Indian Techies Began to Fade in 2018 2018-12-28 05:52:20

    The year 2018 have been staggering for scores of Indian techies with "American dream," as Trump administration carried on with its suppression on the high-in-demand long-term United States work visa, especially among Indians, the H-1B.  The Indian nationals have been the...

    Keywords: Indians abroad, canada or usa for Indian, h1b latest news 2018, Indian techies

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    bill, green card waiting time by country, good news for indian techies u s house passes bill removing country cap on green cards, Indian techies

    Good News for Indian Techies! U.S. House Passes Bill Removing Country Cap on Green Cards 2019-07-11 04:10:30

    The United States lawmakers Wednesday passed a Green Card bill aimed at lifting the per-country limits on the employment-based cards that would mainly benefit thousands of high-skilled Indian IT professionals, for whom the wait for Green card is more than...

    Keywords: speaker of the house, green card bill, green card waiting time by country, green card waiting time by country

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    hr 392 bill latest news, green card per country limit bill 2019, u s congress to vote on green card bill that favors indian techies, Indian techies

    U.S. Congress to Vote on Green Card Bill That Favors Indian Techies 2019-07-09 04:30:14

    The United States House of Representative on Tuesday will vote on a bill that seeks to remove the per-country limits on the employment-based green cards that would mainly benefit high-tech professionals on H-1B work visas from countries like India, for...

    Keywords: green card, green card backlog bill, HR 1044, Indian techies

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    visa extensions, indian students returning from usa, indian techies returning home as u s rejects visa extensions, Indian techies

    Indian Techies Returning Home as U.S. Rejects Visa Extensions 2019-03-22 13:13:32

    Thousands of Indian techies living in the United States are arriving home as the United States authorities have refused visa extensions and while some are still making every effort over filing a new H-1B visa. An engineer, who returned to...

    Keywords: visa extensions, Indian techies, h1b visa holders returning to india, return to india from usa 2018

    Read More data, jobs, the desire to work in the united states is still an unbroken quirk for indian techies, Indian techies

    The Desire to Work in the United States Is Still an Unbroken Quirk for Indian Techies 2019-06-06 08:38:44

    The harsh rules on work visas proposed by the Trump administration are apparently is not refraining Indian techies from showing interest to enter the United States. A recent data by revealed that between April 1, 2018, and March 31,...

    Keywords: desire to work in US, desire to work in US, how to get job in usa for indian, jobs

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