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  • Covid-19 India, Covid-19 latest updates, india registers 25 decline in covid 19 cases, Insacog

    India Registers 25% Decline In COVID-19 Cases 2024-01-18 06:52:52

    After experiencing five weeks of consecutive increases in COVID-19 cases and growing concerns, India finally observed a 25% decrease in the spread of the virus during the week ending on January 13. This positive trend was accompanied by a reduction...

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    Covid-19, China Covid Row breaking news, china covid row india to review the situation, Insacog

    China Covid Row: India to Review the Situation 2022-12-21 07:55:19

    China is back with the scare of coronavirus and the new cases have seen a huge rise all over. With the neighboring nation reporting huge number of cases, the Indian government is all set to review the situation. A total...

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    New Mutant coronavirus variant breaking news, New Mutant coronavirus variant breaking news, new mutant coronavirus variant found in 18 indian states and union territories, Insacog

    New Mutant coronavirus variant found in 18 Indian states and union territories 2021-03-24 11:41:40

    The Union Health Ministry announced that the new mutant coronavirus variant is found across 18 Indian states and union territories. Apart from these, several variants of Concerns (VOCs) are found across these states and union territories. The Health Ministry said...

    Keywords: VOCs, New Mutant coronavirus variant latest updates, New Mutant coronavirus variant latest, New Mutant coronavirus variant reports

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    Kerala Covid-19 Cases breaking, Kerala Covid-19 Cases breaking updates, kerala reports high number of covid 19 cases, Insacog

    Kerala reports high number of Covid-19 cases 2023-12-19 16:33:19

    As per data from the Union Health Ministry, India's active caseload of Covid-19 increased to 1,828 on Monday. Additionally, one death was recorded in Kerala, the state where the Covid sub-variant JN.1 was recently detected. The number of individuals who...

    Keywords: Kerala Covid-19 Cases breaking, Kerala Covid-19 Cases latest updates, Kerala Covid-19 Cases variant, Kerala Covid-19 Cases breaking

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    Coronavirus India total cases, Coronavirus cases, more infectious delta variant behind second wave of coronavirus, Insacog

    More infectious Delta variant behind second wave of Coronavirus 2021-06-05 05:52:57

    The Indian strain of coronavirus which is called B.1.617.2 or Delta is named as one of the dangerous variants among the existing strains. A study said that Delta is more infectious than B.1.17 or Alpha variant that was detected in...

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    COVID-19, UK, 20 total cases of the new mutant covid 19 strain, Insacog

    20 total cases of the new mutant COVID-19 strain 2020-12-30 06:46:43

    A total of 20 people who have returned to India from the UK have been testes positive for the new mutant strain of the COVID-19 virus. The new variant has been named SARS-CoV-2. The Union Health ministry declared on Wednesday...

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