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  • Chinese President, China, what will gujarat serve to chinese premier xi jinping, Khichdi

    What will Gujarat serve to Chinese Premier Xi Jinping? 2014-09-13 10:13:07

    Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit India between 17th to 19th September. The meeting between the prime minister Narendra Modi and Jinping will have global ramification and is being closely watched by experts. Xi Jinping's India visit is expected to...

    Keywords: 100 Gujarati Delicacies, Chinese President, Narendra Modi, top news

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    Detox Diet, Detox Diet, simple steps to detox at home, Khichdi

    Simple steps to detox at home 2014-09-03 07:38:03

    Detoxification is the natural process of removing toxics from your body. It involves following a disciplined food habit like the ancient sages of India. Most of us are aware about the benefits of detoxification but fail to follow it as...

    Keywords: home detoxification, detox your body at home, beauty care, beauty tips

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    rice, kadai, 5 appetizing ways to transform your regular khichdi, Khichdi

    5 Appetizing Ways to Transform Your Regular Khichdi 2020-08-18 11:13:51

    Khichdi is a one-pot dish that gets ready fast and is one of the most convenient foods with taste and nutrition. Khichdi derives its name from the Sanskrit word Khicca and is one of the world’s renowned dishes that is...

    Keywords: cover, saute, pan, kadai

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    Potato recipes, Potato Mutton Curry preparation, delicious potato mutton curry recipe, Khichdi

    Delicious Potato Mutton Curry Recipe 2019-07-13 09:58:29

    Potato Mutton Curry is also called as Aloo Gosht. This Mutton curry tastes great with the combination of potato and is an interesting mixed Non - veg curry to eat.This non veg curry is commonly cooked in India, especially in...

    Keywords: Potato recipes, how to make Potato Mutton Curry, Non-veg recipes. Indian food recipes, Non-veg recipes. Indian food recipes

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    Navratri diet, Navratri diet, diet plan for navratri, Khichdi

    Diet Plan for Navratri 2017-03-30 13:41:04

    Navratri is the time of the year, when we avoid eating non-vegetarian food and follow a detox diet in order to keep ourselves healthy and when it comes to a healthy diet, even experts agree that India diet is the...

    Keywords: Navratri diet plan, Navratri, Diet Plan for Navratri, Diet Plan for Navratri

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    Indian dish dal chawal, Dal Chawal, indian dish dal chawal can help you lose weight says study, Khichdi

    Indian Dish Dal Chawal Can Help You Lose Weight, Says Study 2019-02-16 07:05:24

    Indians anywhere in the world are fond of dal (lentils) and rice, commonly known as dal chawal or dal khichdi. But then, many of the people avoid having it due to the fear of gaining weight. However, it is found...

    Keywords: Indian dish dal chawal, daal chawal in english, hyderabadi dal chawal, dal chawal restaurant

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