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  • Congress national leader, Rahul Gandhi Manipur news, india murdered in manipur rahul gandhi, Manipur violence

    India Murdered in Manipur : Rahul Gandhi 2023-08-12 08:47:17

    Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on the second day of no confidence motion said that India was murdered in Manipur. He said BJP leaders are resulting in the death of Bharat Mata in Manipur, alleged Rahul Gandhi. The exact words of...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi viral video, Rahul Gandhi viral video, Rahul Gandhi on Narendra Modi

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    Indian Parliament, No-Confidence motion new updates, congress and brs move a no confidence motion against government, Manipur violence

    Congress and BRS move a No-Confidence motion against government 2023-07-27 17:00:15

    Manipur Violence is trembling the lower house and upper house. The NDA government led by Narendra Modi is in search of possible ways to clear the issue. On Wednesday, BRS and Congress party submitted a notice to move a no-confidence...

    Keywords: Congress and BRS, Indian Parliament, Congress and BRS no confidence motion, No-Confidence motion updates

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    Manipur Violence accused, Narendra Modi, fresh violence in manipur, Manipur violence

    Fresh Violence in Manipur 2023-08-05 14:14:51

    Even after months, tension prevails in Manipur. In the fresh violence, at least three people were killed including a father and a son. On Saturday morning trouble started again in Bishnupur district. The incident took place at around 2 AM...

    Keywords: Manipur Violence accused, Manipur Violence updates, Manipur Violence latest, Narendra Modi

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    Nuh Violence visuals, Nuh Violence cases, nuh violence 6 dead and 116 arrested, Manipur violence

    Nuh Violence: 6 Dead and 116 Arrested 2023-08-03 15:02:15

    After a group of Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra was stopped by some of the young men near Khedla Mod in Nuh, Haryana is witnessing violence. The fight started between two groups in Mewat Nuh near Gurugram. After...

    Keywords: Gurugram, Nuh Violence arrests, Nuh Violence arrested, Gurugram

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    Indian Parliament, YSRCP and NDA, no confidence motion ysrcp with nda, Manipur violence

    No Confidence Motion: YSRCP with NDA 2023-07-27 17:08:55

    The newly formed alliance INDIA along with BRS has passed a confidence motion in the parliament, where YSRCP MP VIjaysai Reddy questions what is the need of passing the no-confidence motion. BRS passed a no-confidence motion against the NDA government...

    Keywords: YSRCP No confidence motion, No confidence motion Parliament breaking news, YSRCP and NDA, YSRCP No confidence motion

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    Amit Shah news, Amit Shah, i am ready for a debate on manipur amit shah, Manipur violence

    I am ready for a debate on Manipur: Amit Shah 2023-07-26 04:46:48

    Amid huge protests around the country over Manipur violence, Home Minister Amit Shah said he is ready for a debate on Manipur violence and said he is surprised that why the opposition is not ready for it. There were multiple...

    Keywords: Manipur Violence, Manipur Violence, Amit Shah about Manipur, Amit Shah updates

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