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  • Lok Sabha, country, modi transcends vajpayee to become longest serving non congress prime minister, Manmohan singh

    Modi transcends Vajpayee to become longest serving non-congress Prime Minister 2020-08-14 12:24:18

    Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India on May 26, 2014. He started his second term on May 30, 2019 after the BJP scored a whopping victory in the Lok Sabha elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on...

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    Manmohan Singh breaking updates, Manmohan Singh breaking news, manmohan singh admitted to aiims after he complains of weakness, Manmohan singh

    Manmohan Singh Admitted to AIIMS after he Complains of Weakness 2021-10-14 05:39:01

    Indian former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been unwell on Wednesday and he has been admitted to All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) after he complained of exhaustion and weakness. Manmohan Singh turned 89 last month and he has...

    Keywords: Manmohan Singh AIIMS, Manmohan Singh, Manmohan Singh AIIMS, Manmohan Singh breaking updates

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    government, lockdown, manmohan singh lists 3 important steps to revive economy amid covid 19, Manmohan singh

    Manmohan Singh lists 3 important steps to revive economy amid COVID-19 2020-08-12 13:40:08

    Manmohan Singh had an email interaction with BBC during which he told that the economic slowdown in the country is a humanitarian crisis. While stressing that a deep and prolonged economic slowdown is inevitable due to the current challenging times,...

    Keywords: Manmohan Singh, Manmohan Singh, economy, Manmohan Singh

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    Manmohan Singh health issues, Manmohan Singh, manmohan singh admitted to aiims after tested positive for coronavirus, Manmohan singh

    Manmohan Singh admitted to AIIMS after tested positive for Coronavirus 2021-04-20 05:35:41

    The second wave of coronavirus is at the peaks in the country currently. The spread is much faster than the first wave of coronavirus and several politicians, actors, celebrities are tested positive for coronavirus recently. The latest one to get...

    Keywords: Manmohan Singh health complications, Manmohan Singh coronavirus, Manmohan Singh latest, Manmohan Singh new updates

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    Gehlot, Gehlot, who is sachin pilot who was recently sacked from congress, Manmohan singh

    Who is Sachin Pilot Who Was Recently Sacked from Congress? 2020-07-15 12:16:34

    Sachin Pilot joined the Congress and became Lok Sabha MP from Rajasthan. He was 26 when he won his first election. Sachin Pilot, a 42 year old rebel congress politician has achieved more than he could at his age. He...

    Keywords: Rajasthan, Sachin, Gehlot, Rajasthan

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    former PM, former PM, former pm manmohan singh admitted to aiims over chest pain complaints, Manmohan singh

    Former PM Manmohan Singh Admitted To AIIMS Over Chest Pain Complaints 2020-05-11 10:01:04

    The former Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh was admitted to AIIMS in Delhi over complaints of chest pain on Sunday evening. Singh was admitted to the hospital at around 08:45 PM. The reports further suggest that he is under...

    Keywords: india, chest pain, bypass, PM

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