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  • Priya Patel  NASA new plans, Priya Patel  NASA breaking news, indian origin space scientist to support poor indian students, Nasa

    Indian-origin Space Scientist to Support Poor Indian Students 2021-09-20 07:45:17

    A 25-year-old Indian-origin space scientist named Priya Patel is keen to turn a full-fledged astronaut and she is in plans to set up an NGO in the USA. The major motto is to provide resources to young Indian students who...

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    Drushyam 2 streaming date, Venkatesh news, digital release date locked for venkatesh drushyam 2, Nasa

    Digital Release Date Locked For Venkatesh' Drushyam 2 2021-11-12 07:57:42

    Victory Venkatesh has done two quick films and both of them happened to be remakes. The first one titled Naarappa released on Amazon Prime in August this year. He is done with the shoot of Drushyam 2 and the post-production...

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    NASA report on Indian cities latest updates, NASA report on Indian cities news, indian cities that will go underwater by this century as per nasa report, Nasa

    Indian Cities that will go Underwater by This Century as per NASA Report 2021-08-12 06:49:34

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reported that some of the Indian cities will be underwater by the end of this century. Here are the states and the reasons why they may be drowned by the end of the...

    Keywords: NASA report on Indian cities news, Indian cities breaking news, NASA report on Indian cities news, NASA Report

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    Solar Storm speed, Solar Storm for earth, a high speed solar storm may hit earth this weekend, Nasa

    A high-speed solar storm may hit Earth this Weekend 2021-07-13 06:42:10

    The coronavirus pandemic turned out to be a major disaster for mankind. The experts now hint about a solar storm that will hit the earth this weekend. A geomagnetic storm will hit the atmosphere of the earth this weekend and...

    Keywords: Space Weather Prediction Center, Solar Storm damage, Solar Storm latest updates, Solar Storm

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    Future earth continents published, Future earth continents updates, continents may club together at the equator in future, Nasa

    Continents may Club Together at the Equator in Future 2021-09-02 09:18:46

    The planet Earth evolved millions of years ago and it underwent several changes over these generations. The tectonic plates have changed the face of the earth and there are seven continents and five oceans on earth now. Several researchers revealed...

    Keywords: Earth, Future earth continents published, Future earth continents, Future earth continents published

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    Sirisha Bandla career, Srisha Bandla, sirisha bandla third indian origin woman to fly into space, Nasa

    Sirisha Bandla: Third Indian-origin woman to fly into Space 2021-07-12 07:41:49

    Indian-origin woman Sirisha Bandla on Sunday fly into space and she emerged as the third woman from Indian-origin to achieve this. Sirisha Bandla is an aeronautical engineer and she joined British billionaire Richard Branson. Sirisha Bandla joined Virgin Galactic's first...

    Keywords: Sirisha Bandla space, Sirisha Bandla USA, Sirisha Bandla space, Sirisha Bandla indian origin woman

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