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  • US Visa cap for Indians 2024, US Visa cap for Indians, why is us trying to cap visas for indians, New rules

    Why is US trying to cap visas for Indians? 2024-05-10 15:06:38

    Harbir K. Bhatia, CEO of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement that Indians are one of the biggest innovation leaders in Silicon Valley and that the US high-tech industry cannot survive without them. Indian Immigrants:...

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    Schengen visa for Indians five years, Schengen visa for Indians latest, indians can now get five year multi entry schengen visa, New rules

    Indians can now get five-year multi-entry Schengen visa 2024-04-24 11:07:02

    Indian nationals can now benefit from a new visa system introduced by the European Union (EU), known as the "cascade" regime. Under this system, Indian citizens are eligible to receive long-term, multi-entry Schengen visas that are valid for a period...

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    Immigration Checks Indian airports, Immigration Checks breaking, india plans to simplify immigration checks for international trips, New rules

    India plans to simplify immigration checks for international trips 2024-06-08 12:50:58

    Officials say India is considering simplifying immigration rules and increasing staff at major Indian airports to speed up the immigration process. The government wants to develop India's airports as a transport hub for South Asia, and an important part of...

    Keywords: Immigration Checks, Immigration Checks, Immigration Checks, Immigration Checks Indian airports

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    Indian Immigrants in Canada rules, Indian Immigrants, why are canadians opposing indian immigrants, New rules

    Why are Canadians opposing Indian Immigrants? 2024-05-25 10:49:47

    The Prince Edward Islands (PEI) in Canada has recently changed its immigration rules due to the high volume of immigrants. This change has affected international students, with many facing deportation and protesting against the new policy. The reasons behind the...

    Keywords: Indian Immigrants in Canada latest, Indian Immigrants in Canada restrictions, Indian Immigrants in Canada, Canada

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    BCCI Retention Policy new rules, BCCI Retention Policy steps, ipl 2025 bcci begins finalizing retention policy, New rules

    IPL 2025: BCCI Begins Finalizing Retention Policy 2024-07-04 05:58:58

    The BCCI is preparing the player retention guidelines for the upcoming IPL mega auction, and franchises have sought an increase in the number of retentions allowed. While opinions among the 10 teams vary, most have asked for more player retention...

    Keywords: BCCI Retention Policy breaking news, BCCI, BCCI Retention Policy updates, BCCI Retention Policy for IPL 2025

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    Singapore Airlines worth, Singapore Airlines, singapore airlines planning new safety measures for turbulence, New rules

    Singapore Airlines planning new Safety Measures for Turbulence 2024-05-30 07:15:58

    The recent severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight has prompted the airline to implement new in-flight safety protocols, according to a media report. Some frequent flyers have expressed concerns that these measures, such as the suspension of meal...

    Keywords: Singapore Airlines breaking update, Singapore Airlines latest, Singapore Airlines Turbulence, Singapore Airlines worth

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