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  • craving fatty foods, craving butter and bread, science answers why potato chips makes us happy, Potato chips

    Science Answers Why Potato Chips Makes Us Happy! 2019-02-28 07:47:54

    Are you craving for potato chips though you promised yourself to not eat greedily, indeed whatsoever chips? And as soon as you get one, you can without a hitch finish the whole packet even if you don’t need it. Plain...

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    Tihar jails rehabilitation programme, Delhis foodies, tihar jail serving delicacies at restaurant, Potato chips

    Tihar Jail serving delicacies at restaurant 2014-07-23 06:53:52

    Delhi's foodies can now head towards a new and unlikely food destination - Tihar Food Court. This eatery is located on the periphery of Tihar jail in Tilak Nagar. It's part of Tihar jail’s rehabilitation programme for prison inmates. Tihar...

    Keywords: unlikely food destination, unlikely food destination, Delhis foodies, Tihar jails rehabilitation programme

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    potatoes during pregnancy, what to eat during pregnancy, eating too much potato chips during pregnancy affects development of babies study, Potato chips

    Eating Too Much Potato Chips During Pregnancy Affects Development of Babies: Study 2019-06-01 12:11:18

    Women during their pregnancy period are often advised to avoid certain foods owing to baby’s and mother’s health too. A new study finds that eating too much vegetable oil and potato chips during pregnancy as such a diet may lead...

    Keywords: what to eat during pregnancy, potato chips pregnancy nausea, eating potato chips during pregnancy, potato chips pregnancy nausea

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    helpless, timing, overall laughing benefits, Potato chips

    Overall Laughing Benefits 2014-11-29 11:39:18

    Most people might know a strait concept of laugh that its good for health other than that there are some benefits which are stated below: Despite the fact that it sounds legitimate, a standout amongst the most vital things to...

    Keywords: healty, helpless, relationship, deliberate

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    teen goes blind because of junk food, teen turns blind due to junk food, teen goes blind after surviving on french fries pringles white bread, Potato chips

    Teen Goes Blind After Surviving on French Fries, Pringles, White Bread 2019-09-05 06:24:07

    Youngsters these days are extremely hooked on junk foodstuff. Despite knowing its ill-effects, most people are craving for unhealthy foodstuff to satisfy their hunger. A teenager in the United States crosses all his limits in gobbling junk food. The boy,...

    Keywords: Pringles, teen goes blind because of junk food, surviving on french fries, health and fitness

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    food, health, don t eat without hunger it can harm your health says study, Potato chips

    Don’t eat without hunger it can harm your health, says study 2016-02-22 13:13:21

    During these modern days, many foods await to lure your taste buds like chocolate, potato chips, bacon double cheeseburgers and so on. Thus, there are enough reasons for people to gobble on food without hunger. Especially, people belonging to the...

    Keywords: hungry, hungry, hungry, health

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