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  • Pakistan PM Imran Khan, Pakistan PM Imran Khan, pakistan pm needs to cool his heated rhetoric ro khanna, Ridiculous

    ‘Pakistan PM Needs to Cool His Heated Rhetoric’: Ro Khanna 2019-08-29 09:42:54

    Indian American lawmaker Ro Khanna who recently joined the Pakistani Congressional Caucus said Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan needs to cool his heated rhetoric as Kashmir is an internal issue of India. Addressing Indian American community in Freemont, California, Congressman...

    Keywords: ro khanna, Pakistan PM Imran Khan, Pakistan PM Imran Khan, lawmaker ro khanna

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    2020 census citizenship question, 2020 census, no citizenship question in 2020 census trump administration, Ridiculous

    No Citizenship Question in 2020 Census: Trump Administration 2019-07-03 04:55:57

    The questionnaires for the 2020 census would be printed without the citizenship question, Trump administration said. The move is seen as a major political victory for the opposition Democratic party, which joined hands with civil right groups against such a...

    Keywords: when does the 2020 census start and end, Citizenship Question in 2020 Census, 2020 census race, Citizenship Question in 2020 Census

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    Indian american actor Kal Penn, ladies bhai, indian american actor kal penn making twitter shake with laughter with his new video impersonating gujju ladies bhai, Ridiculous

    Indian American Actor Kal Penn Making Twitter Shake with Laughter with His New Video Impersonating Gujju ‘Ladies Bhai’ 2019-05-01 05:15:54

    The well-known Indian American actor Kalpen Suresh Modi, professionally known as Kal Penn, has made Twitter users split one’s sides with his video showing him impersonating Gujju ‘Ladies Bhai’. He captioned the video saying: "Meet Ladies Bhai: an old, ridiculous...

    Keywords: Kalpen Suresh Modi, Kalpen Suresh Modi, Indian american actor, Indian american actor

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    new york city, Robert Cornegy, new york city councilman robert cornegy jr sets record for world s tallest politician, Ridiculous

    New York City Councilman Robert Cornegy Jr. Sets Record for World’s Tallest Politician 2019-03-28 23:49:25

    New York has once again entered Guinness World Records for having the worlds tallest politician, after already setting a record for the most billionaires and for being the most Instagrammed city. A former professional basketball player, Robert Cornegy Jr., a...

    Keywords: Robert Cornegy, World’s Tallest Politician, Robert Cornegy, New York City Councilman Robert Cornegy

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    bali hotel, Video of Indian Family Caught Stealing from Bali Hotel, ridiculous shameful say netizens after video of indian family caught stealing from bali hotel goes viral, Ridiculous

    ‘Ridiculous & Shameful’, Say Netizens After Video of Indian Family Caught Stealing from Bali Hotel Goes Viral 2019-07-29 07:41:17

    A video of an Indian family being humiliated by staff for allegedly stealing virtually everything from a hotel room they were lodging in Bali, Indonesia, has gone viral, indeed leaving a black mark for the Indians who are visiting foreign...

    Keywords: bali, Indians caught stealing in Bali hotel, Indians caught stealing in Bali hotel, netizens

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    al qaeda, donald trump, trump slams tulsi gabbard for alleging that he supports al qaeda, Ridiculous

    Trump Slams Tulsi Gabbard for Alleging That He Supports Al-Qaeda 2019-08-02 09:37:52

    President Donald Trump slammed Democratic presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard for alleging that he is supporting the terror group Al Qaeda during the second Democratic presidential debate on Wednesday. The first Hindu ever running for the U.S. presidency accused Trump of...

    Keywords: al qaeda, trump slams tulsi gabbard, trump supporting Al-Qaeda, al qaeda

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