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  • zoloft and increased sex drive, antidepressants increase sex drive, 5 ways your medication is ruining your sex life, Sex life

    5 Ways Your Medication Is Ruining Your Sex Life 2019-08-13 13:10:11

    There are quite a lot of medications available in the market to improve your sex life and there are also some drugs that ruin your sex life. Your sexual complications such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, and delayed orgasms, is...

    Keywords: can antibiotics cause erectile dysfunction, how to get your sex drive back on lexapro, love and relationship, zoloft and increased sex drive

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    masturbate benefits, masturbate regularly, people who masturbate regularly likely to be mangers survey, Sex life

    People Who Masturbate Regularly Likely to Be Mangers: Survey 2019-08-28 07:06:05

    Apart from masturbation helping in relieving stress, period cramps, and preventing prostate cancer, a new survey by Univia says that people who masturbate regularly have more probability of holding managerial positions at the workplace. The survey was done on 1,012 people...

    Keywords: masturbation and connection to job, masturbate benefits, masturbation and connection to job, male masturbation

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    heart health and sex life, heart health and sex life, what your sex life says about your heart health, Sex life

    What Your Sex Life Says About Your Heart Health 2019-09-24 09:55:40

    The foremost fear regarding intimacy for most people, especially men, who have heart disease is being scared that having sexual activity can cause a heart attack or other heart-related illness. It is a long-standing fact that your sexual life tells...

    Keywords: love and sex, heart health and sex life, heart health and sex life, love and sex

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    fertility treatment for men, fertility treatment for men, men conceived via fertility treatments may develop prostate cancer, Sex life

    Men Conceived via Fertility Treatments May Develop Prostate Cancer 2019-09-26 06:53:29

    Men with fertility problems conceived via assisted reproduction techniques are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the middle age, the research found. A major study published by The BMJ of more than 1 million births found...

    Keywords: prostate cancer, fertility treatment for men, prostate cancer, prostate cancer in men

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    sexual health, love and relationship, beer improves men s sexual performance here s how, Sex life

    Beer Improves Men’s Sexual Performance - Here’s How 2019-08-02 10:57:37

    Contrary to the regular belief that consuming beer may mess with your sex life, a recent study revealed that having few glasses of brews indeed positively impact your sexual life. While some other studies suggest that a little bit of...

    Keywords: beer affecting sexual health, how beer affects sex life, how beer affects sex life, how beer affects sex life

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    best period tracker app 2018, best period tracker app 2018, these period tracking apps shared sensitive data with facebook, Sex life

    These Period Tracking Apps Shared Sensitive Data with Facebook 2019-09-10 10:44:01

    These days women are primarily using period tracking applications to better understand their body and to keep track of when it’s due and make notes of varying PMS symptoms. Shockingly, period tracking apps are reportedly sharing tons of user personal...

    Keywords: best period tracker app 2019, best period tracker app 2019, facebook, facebook

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