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  • UAE, UAE, indian origin tycoons in uae pledge 125 million for kerala floods, Skin disorders

    Indian-origin Tycoons in UAE Pledge ₹125 Million for Kerala Floods 2018-08-21 04:37:07

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Indian-origin billionaire entrepreneurs have proclaimed contribution of Rs. 125 million for the flood-hit Kerala for flood relief operations, according to a media report.In the scenic state, about 164 people have lost their lives since August...

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    Skin disorders related, Skin disorders latest, five common skin disorders and their symptoms, Skin disorders

    Five Common Skin Disorders and Their Symptoms 2022-03-28 12:29:27

    Skin happens to be the largest organ of the human body and is quite important. It is exposed to various pollutants and microorganisms on a regular basis. This can lead to infection, immune malfunction and others. One should be aware...

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