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  • summer drinks, pineapple coconut drink, tropical blast with pineapple coconut drink, Summer coolers

    Tropical blast with Pineapple Coconut Drink 2014-08-11 10:59:38

    Need a refreshing, lip-smacking, fruity-fying drink that will make your somersault with joy? Then here's one. Our pineapple coconut drink is hundred percent natural and healthy. For a dose of instant sunshine in your glass, blend in pineapple and coconut...

    Keywords: drink recipes, summer drinks, summer drinks, summer drinks

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    aam panna with pudina, aam panna with pudina, aam panna recipe know the health benefits of this indian summer cooler, Summer coolers

    Aam Panna Recipe: Know the Health Benefits of This Indian Summer Cooler 2019-05-15 06:38:05

    Summer is here and who doesn’t like to gulp down summer coolers in soaring temperatures? Aam panna, the well-liked Indian summer drink made of raw mangoes is a perfect drink to deal with the Indian tropical weather. The main ingredient-...

    Keywords: Indian summer coolers, aam panna recipe hebbar's kitchen, aam panna bottle, aam panna hebbar's kitchen

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    watermelon recipes, summer coolers, get experimental with jalapeno watermelon margarita, Summer coolers

    Get experimental with Jalapeno Watermelon Margarita 2014-07-30 11:35:44

    Feel like trying something new today? Well, if you are the kind of n experimental cook, then we tell you how to add some twist to your good old watermelon margarita. We picked watermelon as it's summer. And what better...

    Keywords: watermelon recipes, margarita recipe, jalapeno watermelon margarita recipe, recipe of the day

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    summer drinks, watermelon recipes, watermelon strawberry mojito for a hot day, Summer coolers

    Watermelon strawberry mojito for a hot day 2014-08-02 11:45:45

    Summer is in full gear and so are our experiments with the summer favorite – watermelon. Of course, you all will agree that there is nothing better than watermelon in the summertime. Bite on it raw or season it with...

    Keywords: watermelon strawberry mojito recipe, watermelon recipes, summer coolers, summer drinks

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    drinks, cherry margarita, soak up fruity fun with tart cherry margarita, Summer coolers

    Soak up fruity fun with Tart Cherry Margarita 2014-07-29 12:04:03

    Sucker for fruity cocktails? Then you are surely going to love this one. Fresh cherries muddled to make a refreshing, tart margarita. things can't get any better than this on a hot, muggy, summer noon. For the recipe of...

    Keywords: cherry margarita, margarita recipes, summer coolers, drinks

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    summer drinks, mango drinks, lap up the flavors of summer with raw mango sherbet, Summer coolers

    Lap up the flavors of summer with raw mango sherbet 2014-07-24 11:52:16

    If you have managed to stock up on some raw mangoes this summer, we have the idle recipe for your. Green mango is more refreshing and tantalizing to the tastebuds than ripe ones, isn't it? Today we bring you the...

    Keywords: summer drinks, mango drinks, raw mango sherbet, mango coolers

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