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  • Economic Survey in Parliament news, Economic Survey in Parliament new updates, nirmala sitharaman tables economic survey in parliament, Survey

    Nirmala Sitharaman Tables Economic Survey in Parliament 2023-01-31 14:48:12

    The country's Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tabled the Economic Survey for 2022-23 in the Parliament house. It is predicted that the country's economy will grow 6.5 percent in 2023-24 when compared to the 7 percent of the fiscal. The projection...

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    Narendra Modi, CVoter Survey, cvoter survey a big majority for narendra modi, Survey

    CVoter Survey: A Big Majority For Narendra Modi 2023-05-27 09:05:45

    Narendra Modi with 282 assembly seats sworn in as Prime Minister on May 26th 2014. To embark the nine years administration of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CVoter has conducted a survey. Five among three Indians opined that Modi’s government...

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    China population research, China population research, china reports a decline in the population in 60 years, Survey

    China Reports a Decline in the Population in 60 Years 2023-01-17 08:33:19

    The Chinese population has come down for the first time in 60 years after the national birth rate touched a record low of 6.77 births per 1000 people. The population of the country in 2022 was 1.4118 billion and it...

    Keywords: China population breaking updates, China population latest, China population decline, China population latest

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    Lithium Reserves in India, Lithium Reserves, gsi discovered lithium reserves in rajasthan, Survey

    GSI Discovered Lithium Reserves in Rajasthan 2023-05-09 14:50:17

    Another boost to the country's natural resource wealth. Geological Survey of India (GSI) has discovered lithium reserves in Nagaur, Rajasthan after three months of lithium reserve found in Jammu and Kashmir. This is another boost for the Indian Zero emissions....

    Keywords: Lithium Reserves, Lithium Reserves latest, Lithium Reserves major news, Lithium Reserves Rajasthan

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    Supreme Court divorces updates, Supreme Court, most divorces arise from love marriages supreme court, Survey

    Most Divorces arise from Love Marriages: Supreme Court 2023-05-18 13:54:10

    In 2023, when the world fights for same-sex marriages and talks about individuality, the Indian Apex Court's statement on Love marriage's failure is shocking. On Wednesday Supreme Court passed a statement that most of the divorce cases arise from love...

    Keywords: Supreme Court divorces, Supreme Court divorces updates, Divorces, Supreme Court divorces news

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    India Population top, India Population survey, india beats china and emerges as the most populated country, Survey

    India Beats China and Emerges as the Most Populated Country 2023-01-19 10:46:27

    India surpassed China in the population and it emerged as the world's most populated country of the globe. As per the projection from the World Population Review (WPR), the populaation of India is 141.7 crores by the end of 2022....

    Keywords: India Population news, India Population breaking updates, India Population reports, India Population breaking news

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