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  • KTR and Narendra Modi, KTR and Narendra Modi new updates, ktr continues to take a dig on narendra modi, Tax

    KTR Continues to Take a Dig on Narendra Modi 2022-07-20 10:13:04

    Telangana's ruling party TRS has been at loggerheads with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi after they deferred over the Minimum price for paddy in the state. TRS Working President and the state's minister KTR has been taking a dig at...

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    Priyanka Jawalkar upcoming films, Priyanka Jawalkar upcoming films, priyanka jawalkar struggling to make her comeback, Tax

    Priyanka Jawalkar Struggling To Make Her Comeback 2022-07-25 12:09:25

    Taxiwala girl Priyanka Jawalkar impressed the audience with her performance and she scored a super hit with SR Kalyanamanadapam. The actress took her time and lost enough weight. Some of her clicks from the glamorous photo shoots went viral across...

    Keywords: Priyanka Jawalkar films, SR Kalyanamandapam, Priyanka Jawalkar, Priyanka Jawalkar upcoming films

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    Shakira updates, Shakira, shakira could face a huge fine in tax fraud case, Tax

    Shakira Could Face A Huge Fine In Tax Fraud Case 2022-07-30 10:36:46

    The Spanish prosecutors on Friday revealed that they would seek a prison sentence of eight years against the pop singer Shakira for rejecting a plea deal about the accusation of the tax evasion. The Prosecutors in Barcelona are in plan...

    Keywords: Shakira case in Spain, Shakira controversy, Shakira latest, Shakira controversy

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    Petrol and diesel, Petrol price in India, petrol and diesel prices increased by rs 10 in 16 days, Tax

    Petrol and Diesel Prices Increased by Rs 10 in 16 days 2022-04-06 10:14:58

    The prices of petrol and diesel are getting hiked on a regular basis. The prices are increased by 80 paise per litre today which takes the increase by Rs 10 in the last 16 days. The price of petrol per...

    Keywords: Petrol and diesel prices in states, Petrol and diesel prices hike, Petrol and diesel prices, Petrol and diesel

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    Onam Bumper Lottery latest, Anoop auto driver, onam bumper lottery kerala auto driver wins rs 25 cr, Tax

    Onam Bumper Lottery: Kerala Auto Driver Wins Rs 25 Cr 2022-09-19 09:32:56

    The State Lottery Department of Kerala announced the results of the Onam Bumper 2022 yesterday at 2 PM and an auto driver from the state won the first prize of Rs 25 crores. The Onam Bumper Lottery was won by...

    Keywords: Onam Bumper Lottery latest, Anoop lottery, Onam Bumper Lottery breaking news, Onam Bumper Lottery news

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    GST, April GST collection latest, april gst collections on all time high, Tax

    April GST Collections on All-time high 2022-05-02 09:29:50

    The Goods and Service Tax (GST) collection reached an all-time high in the month of April by touching Rs 1.68 lakh crores. This indicates a strong economic activity despite multiple hurdles. April 2022 GST is 20 percent higher than the...

    Keywords: April GST collection latest updates, April GST collection news, GST 2022, April GST collection news

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