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    Wow your guests with Watermelon Tea 2014-08-01 11:25:51

    Throwing your own high tea and wondering what special to serve your guests without blowing your budget? Forget the scones, cakes and savories. Delight your guests with a delicious batch of summer sandwiches served with some refreshing chilled Watermelon Tea....

    Keywords: watermelon recipes, white tea, watermelon recipes, watermelon recipes

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    green tea smoothie, green tea recipes, sip on health with green tea smoothie, Tea recipes

    Sip on health with green tea smoothie 2014-08-06 13:02:19

    Need a drink that is healthy, tasty and full of good things. We bring you a delectable green tea smoothie, an incredibly beneficial drink health wise. Light, bright and full of flavor, learn how to make this exciting green drink...

    Keywords: green tea smoothie, health recipes, smoothie recipes, health drinks

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    cool drink recipes, lemonade recipes, fruity iced tea lemonade a drink with a twist, Tea recipes

    Fruity Iced Tea Lemonade - a drink with a twist 2014-07-01 13:00:22

    We are back with yet another brand new ice tea recipe - one that ditches the traditional flavors for more fruity, lemony ones. That's right! Our today's recipe is fruity iced tea lemonade, a drink with a twist. After all,...

    Keywords: cool drink recipes, summer drink recipes, lemonade recipes, ice tea recipes

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    high tea snacks, high tea snacks, spicy apple chips recipe, Tea recipes

    Spicy Apple Chips Recipe 2020-01-18 10:13:05

    An apple a day, keeps a doctor away is the proverb that we have been hearing since our childhood and have grown with. Apple is said to be the food that can be taken at anytime of the day without...

    Keywords: apple recipes, snacks, high tea snacks, Apple Chips

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