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  • Lawrence Faucette death, Lawrence Faucette news, us man dies 40 days after pig heart transplant, Usa

    US Man dies 40 days after Pig Heart Transplant 2023-11-01 17:52:43

    A person based in USA is the second to receive a transplanted heart from a pig. This was an experimental surgery and the man passed away after 40 days after the surgery was successful. The man was identifed as Lawrence...

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    Firecrackers in India latest, Firecrackers in India new updates, supreme court announces a ban on firecrackers across india, Usa

    Supreme Court announces a ban on Firecrackers across India 2023-11-08 10:41:13

    While the national capital New Delhi is struggling with poor air quality, the Supreme Court announced a ban of firecrackers across the country. The top court reminded about its 2021 order of allowing the usage of green firecrackers. The court...

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    Indian Illegal Immigrants in USA, Illegal Immigrants in USA Indians, 6 4 million illegal immigrants living in us says report, Usa

    6.4 million Illegal Immigrants living in US says Report 2023-11-23 07:43:16

    The findings of the study revealed that around three percent of the total population in the United States consisted of unauthorized immigrants, amounting to approximately 10.5 million individuals. Furthermore, these unauthorized immigrants accounted for 22 percent of the foreign-born population....

    Keywords: Illegal Immigrants in USA latest, Illegal Immigrants in USA latest, Illegal Immigrants in USA Indians, Illegal Immigrants in USA casestudy

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    Maine Shooting pictures, Maine Shooting suspect, maine shooting more than 22 dead in lewiston city, Usa

    Maine Shooting: More than 22 dead in Lewiston City 2023-10-26 09:34:24

    The gun culture has been impacting the citizens in USA badly. The episodes are reported on a weekly basis across the nation. In a shocking incident, more than 22 people have been gunned down in Lewiston City in Maine. As...

    Keywords: Maine Shooting pictures, Maine Shooting pictures, Lewiston City Shootings, Lewiston City Shootings

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    Varun Raj Pucha hospital, Varun Raj Pucha death, stabbed indian student at a us gym dies, Usa

    Stabbed Indian student at a US Gym, dies 2023-11-09 10:21:46

    An Indian student was stabbed at a fitness centre in the state of Indiana of USA and the incident took place on October 29th. The 24-year-old student passed away on Wednesday in a private hospital. The deceased was identified as...

    Keywords: Indian student in USA, Varun Raj Pucha death, Varun Raj Pucha death, Indian student in USA

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    Sabarimala Temple timings, Sabarimala Temple tollfree number, sabarimala temple opens doors for devotees, Usa

    Sabarimala Temple opens doors for Devotees 2023-11-18 11:56:34

    At the crack of dawn on Friday, the renowned Sabarimala temple witnessed an influx of devotees, hailing primarily from Kerala and the neighboring southern states, all eager to pay their respects to Lord Ayyappa. With the commencement of the two-month-long...

    Keywords: Sabarimala Temple darshan, Sabarimala Temple breaking news, Sabarimala Temple arrangements, Sabarimala Temple pictures

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