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  • UP farmers, UP farmers, up government to offer free power for farmers, Vice president

    UP Government to offer Free Power for Farmers 2022-03-14 07:45:35

    Yogi Adityanath and his government reported a record victory in the Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh for the second time and the BJP high command is extremely delighted. Yogi Adityanath met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the party...

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    Venkaiah Naidu breaking news, Venkaiah Naidu, venkaiah naidu to become the next president of india, Vice president

    Venkaiah Naidu to Become the Next President of India? 2022-06-21 12:34:50

    BJP senior leader Venkaiah Naidu is the Vice President of the country. The Presidential Election is due in July and there are lot of rumors about the new President. Union Ministers Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah along with BJP President...

    Keywords: Venkaiah Naidu updates, Venkaiah Naidu breaking updates, Venkaiah Naidu breaking updates, BJP

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    Kamala Harris updates, Joe Biden, kamala harris the first woman to get presidential power, Vice president

    Kamala Harris, the First Woman to get Presidential Power 2021-11-20 07:25:50

    American President Joe Biden will transfer his power to the Vice President Kamala Harris after he will be under anesthesia for a colonoscopy soon. Kamala Harris will be the first woman to get the Presidential power as per the reports...

    Keywords: Joe Biden health update, Joe Biden new updates, Joe Biden new updates, Kamala Harris latest

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    Droupadi Murmu updates, Droupadi Murmu as President, nda picks up droupadi murmu as presidential candidate, Vice president

    NDA picks up Droupadi Murmu as Presidential Candidate 2022-06-22 07:11:16

    BJP and its alliance NDA have finalized Droupadi Murmu as the Presidential candidate and the polls will take place in July. the BJP Parliamentary Board meeting was held last evening and they nominated Droupadi Murmu, the Governor of Jharkhand as...

    Keywords: Droupadi Murmu breaking news, Presidential candidate, Droupadi Murmu career, Presidential candidate

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    World Bank about Ukraine, World Bank breaking news, world bank about the economic crisis of ukraine and russia, Vice president

    World Bank About the Economic Crisis of Ukraine and Russia 2022-04-11 08:18:22

    The World Bank revealed about the economies of Ukraine and Russia after the latter started invading Ukraine. The World Bank said that the economy of Ukraine collapsed by 45.1 percent this year and Russia collapsed by 11.2 percent in the...

    Keywords: World Bank breaking news, Ukraine economy, World Bank statements, Russia economy

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    Russia and Ukraine Conflict breaking news, Russia and Ukraine Conflict news, usa claims russia added 7000 troops at the ukraine border, Vice president

    USA claims Russia added 7000 troops at the Ukraine border 2022-02-17 07:00:09

    The borders of Russia and Ukraine posed tense atmosphere. The entire world is looking over it and nations like USA are trying hard to resolve the issue between the nations. Russia claims that they have called back their troops from...

    Keywords: Russia and Ukraine Conflict war, Russia and Ukraine Conflict, Russia and Ukraine Conflict breaking updates, Russia and Ukraine Conflict war

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