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  • Nipah Virus - Kozhikode, Nipah Virus in Kerala, nipah virus is back again two deaths registered, World health organization

    Nipah Virus Is Back Again: Two Deaths Registered 2023-09-12 08:22:38

    On Monday, the Kerala Health Department announced a health alert in Kozhikode after two suspects had unnatural deaths, they were suspected of Nipah Virus infection. Both patients complained of high fever and died naturally, later officially claimed that, they both...

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    Busy Professionals experts, Busy Professionals breaking, three simple health tips for busy professionals, World health organization

    Three Simple Health Tips for Busy Professionals 2024-05-09 15:36:36

    As working adults, we often find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of deadlines and meetings. These lead to a fast life and even a quick meal. These on-the-go meals often contain little or no nutrients. When this happens, you lose...

    Keywords: Busy Professionals health care, Busy Professionals experts, Busy Professionals, Busy Professionals health

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    New York breaking, New York smoke levels, smog choking new york, World health organization

    Smog Choking New York 2023-06-09 14:10:31

    New York citizens are struggling with severe air pollution for the first time. Smoke is choking the city. Authorities have alerted the people and we can see the photos of New York largely deserted, this was worst after the pandemic....

    Keywords: New York smoke levels, New York latest, New York pollution, New York pollution levels

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    Coronavirus latest, Coronavirus latest, india reports 253 new cases of coronavirus, World health organization

    India Reports 253 New Cases Of Coronavirus 2022-12-03 14:07:54

    India witnessed a single day rise of 253 new cases of coronavirus and the active cases in the nation came down to 4597 as per the reports from the Union Health Ministry. The total death cases reported in India till...

    Keywords: Coronavirus India total, Coronavirus news, Coronavirus India vaccination, Coronavirus India total

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    Covid-19 in Singapore, FLiRT Variant, covid 19 in singapore flirt variant to spike in june, World health organization

    Covid-19 in Singapore: FLiRT Variant To Spike In June 2024-05-20 06:22:47

    As days go by, Covid protocols are being forgotten, but Covid is not going away. Reports show that Singapore is now experiencing a new wave of Covid-19 cases, with 25,900 cases recorded from May 5 to 11. Health Minister Ong...

    Keywords: FLiRT Variant Covid-19 updates, FLiRT Variant Covid-19, FLiRT Variant Covid-19 latest, FLiRT Variant Covid-19

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    Bird flu loss, Bird flu latest breaking, bird flu outbreak in the usa triggers doubts, World health organization

    Bird flu outbreak in the USA triggers doubts 2024-04-24 11:00:00

    Bird flu is becoming an increasing concern, especially in the United States. Just recently, a worker at a dairy farm in Texas tested positive for bird flu, also known as H5N1. The World Health Organization (WHO) is now expressing worries...

    Keywords: Bird flu latest, Bird flu new updates, Bird flu, Bird flu breaking

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