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  • YouTuber lilly singh, superwoman lilly singh, lilly singh talks about life after coming out as bisexual, Youtuber

    Lilly Singh Talks About Life After Coming Out as Bisexual 2019-09-04 07:16:12

    An Indian origin YouTuber Lilly Singh, who came out as a bisexual last year, says revealing her sexuality was not easy, but she has learned that there is nothing more important than living one’s truth. The 30-year-old star, better known...

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    Gay, Gay, 9 famous celebrities who have come out in 2019, Youtuber

    9 Famous Celebrities Who Have Come Out In 2019 2019-10-11 09:54:39

    It’s October 11th, 2019 which is considered as the National Coming Out day. With the society changing its course over the last few years, people are becoming more receptive of other people irrespective of how they define their sexuality. India...

    Keywords: Coming Out, Gay, Gay, Coming Out

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    Flying Beast, pilot, indian youtuber and pilot blows whistle about safety violations by air asia airlines, Youtuber

    Indian YouTuber and pilot blows whistle about safety violations by Air Asia airlines 2020-06-19 11:21:37

    Every person buying a flight ticket to fly to their destination believes that if they are paying a hefty amount, they are at least safe in the hands of the pilot. They rely on the airlines to ensure their safe...

    Keywords: Gaurav Taneja, Air Asia, YouTuber, YouTuber

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    fantastic adventures, fantastic adventures, youtuber mom accused of child abuse died on tuesday, Youtuber

    YouTuber Mom Accused Of Child Abuse Died On Tuesday 2019-11-15 05:09:51

    A woman from Arizona, who have been accused of abusing her adopted children in the YouTube videos that they starred in the family channel has passed away on November 12, 2019, as the authorities claimed. Ricardo Alvarado, who is the...

    Keywords: YouTube, Arizona, Child abuse, Child abuse

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    arrested, Heer Khan, youtuber heer khan arrested for making derogatory remarks against hindu deities, Youtuber

    Youtuber Heer Khan arrested for making derogatory remarks against Hindu Deities 2020-08-27 11:14:52

    Youtube Content creator Heer Khan was arrested by Prayagraj Police for making objectionable remarks against the Hindu gods and goddesses. Prayagraj Police officials nabbed a woman Youtuber who is based out of Prayagraj has made some derogatory comments on Hindu...

    Keywords: Heer Khan, video, Youtube, video

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    movie, Hotstar, 5 new indian shows and movies you might end up binge watching july 2020, Youtuber

    5 New Indian Shows and Movies You Might End Up Binge Watching: July 2020 2020-07-17 14:54:21

    Here’s the list of top 5 shows and movies on OTT platforms that are sure to bring you an edge-of the-seat experience.Coronavirus and the lockdown haven’t stopped content creators from making gut wrenching films. OTT’s are the new saviours for...

    Keywords: movie, series, Amazon Prime Video, series

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