Is your mobile phone making you sexually impotent?Sci-Tech

April 04, 2014 17:17
 Is your mobile phone making you sexually impotent?

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It's no secret that mobiles can kill the moment. We have all gone through that phase when a sudden phone buzz or a work email flash has washed away an intimate moment. But beware! The sinister effects of mobile phones are even more encompassing than you deem.

Scientists have found that men who carry their mobiles for more than four hours a day are more likely to be impotent than those who limit usage to two hours or lesser. 

Researchers examined 20 men with erectile dysfunction. On interrogating about their mobile phone habits, concluded that impotent men were found to carry their mobiles for a significantly longer time than their healthier lot.

Over usage of mobile phones could be risking their fertility. Doctors deem that the damage is caused by the electromagnetic radiation emitted by handsets or the heat they generate.

Previously, heat from laptop was found to have a similar impact on fertility levels in men. Elsewhere, the heat emitted in kitchens led to low fertility levels in some chefs.

Although any conclusive link is yet to be ascertained between mobiles and erectile dysfunction and sperm quality, researchers are keen to delve deeper into the matter.

AW: Suchorita Choudhury

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