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May 24, 2024 10:45
Footcare tips to keep them Pretty

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While most of us place a lot of emphasis on caring for our face, hair and even hands, foot care is often neglected. Good foot care is an indicator of general health habits, but also important for our overall health. “Our feet reflect our overall health, especially as we age,” says dermatologist and hair specialist Dr. Niti Gaur. “The feet and ankles are the first to be affected.” Founder of the Citrine Clinic in Gurugram. Not paying attention to your feet not only causes serious attention, but also painful consequences such as bacterial and fungal infections, corns, cracked heels and bad odor. Dr. Seema Oberoi Lal, consultant dermatologist at CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram, says, “There are many problems like fungal problems, warts, corns and calluses that can be avoided by taking proper care of your feet.” You are anticipating a luxurious pedicure session, but doctors warn against having these done in the salon, citing health problems and possible problems? “Incorrect use of tools can lead to cuticle changes and ultimately fungal nail and skin infections,” says Dr. Gore.

Here are 10 ultimate tips for caring for your feet:

1. Check your feet daily

Just as you care about your face and overall health, you also care about your feet. “Check the skin for cuts, blisters, redness, swelling, or other abnormalities. This is particularly important for people with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy,” says Dr. DM Mahajan, senior dermatologist at Indraprastha. Apollo Hospitals Swelling or discoloration can be a sign of poor circulation or even a bone fracture. Diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis can cause red spots, bruises, calluses and corns and therefore need to be treated immediately. Spots appear. If they have recently changed, they should be checked to rule out malignant changes.

2. Avoid walking barefoot in public places

Walking barefoot is generally acceptable indoors where hygiene and cleanliness are guaranteed. In public, however, experts strictly reject this. Dr. Bisht told Reader's Digest (July 2019): "Cultural factors in India lead us to go barefoot in public, which is dangerous for people with neurological disorders." Dr. Lal added, "Walking barefoot in public places or using shared slippers can lead to warts."

3. Cut toenails properly

Trimming toenails is very important for maintaining foot health. Avoid long nails as they can be a source of infection. Cutting your nails too short can lead to problems like ingrown toenails. Dr. Mahajan says, “To prevent ingrown toenails, trim toenails straight and be careful not to cut them too short. Use appropriate nail clippers or scissors for this purpose. It is recommended to leave 1-2 mm long and use a sharp nail clipper to cut.

4. Wash your feet twice a day

Like brushing your teeth, washing your feet is part of the morning ritual for many people. Ideally, both exercises are more important at night. Your feet are the closest point to the ground and pick up all kinds of dust and germs on the ground. Rub your mouth, your feet on your skin.

5. Dry your feet properly

In the morning rush, many people put on their shoes without drying their feet properly. It is especially important to dry it completely, especially between the toes. Athlete's foot is an itchy, painful, and contagious fungal infection that thrives in warm, moist environments. To prevent these and other fungal infections, it is necessary to make a special effort in the morning and before bed.

6. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Keep your feet hydrated like the rest of your body. This will prevent your skin from drying out and becoming cracked. When dry, your feet look unhealthy and unsightly. Additionally, when your feet are well hydrated, premature aging is less likely. However, avoid putting it between your toes as this can encourage fungal growth, especially if you're walking in open-toed shoes.

7. Good shoes = Good foot care

Experts recommend investing in comfortable and fitting shoes. Choose a shoe that fits you (not too tight and not too wide) and provides enough support and cushioning. “The arches of the feet can be compromised if they are not properly supported. “In addition, wearing ill-fitting shoes with stiff soles can lead to corns and calluses,” says Dr. Lal. However, these pointed heels can be particularly damaging to bunions (a bony bump that forms in the joint at the base of the big toe), which can cause posture and balance problems. Shop later in the day. At this point, your feet are tired and slightly swollen, so you are less likely to buy tight shoes. Smelly shoes? When bacteria combine with sweat, it can produce an unpleasant odor. But there are ways to deal with it. Add a black tea bag to warm water and soak your feet for 30 minutes.

8. Exercise your legs

Exercise and stretch regularly to keep your feet healthy and beautiful. This improves blood circulation and increases flexibility. Hooping, sand walking, and marbles are some of the exercises you can incorporate into your fitness routine.

9. It is important to exfoliate and smooth the skin.

When you shower in the morning, brush your feet with a foot file to remove dead skin cells and calluses. Dr. Gore also recommends exfoliating twice a week to remove dead skin cells.

10. Matching socks

Wearing the right socks is also an important part of foot care. Avoid nylons and opt for cotton or wool. Also, make sure to wash your socks thoroughly after wearing them.

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