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January 28, 2021 18:56
Farmer Leaders say No to Violence But Yes to Protests

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Following the riot that has taken place on Tuesday, Farmer leaders in India have told media sources that they absolutely condemn violence but will still go forward with protests till the new farmers’ laws are re-administered.

Many citizens are blaming the chaos caused in the city on protesters which has been shaming the name of the cause of the protest.

Thousands of farmers have created a storm with the police and have forced their ways pass barricades. One protester has died and more than 80 police officers were injured. Police Officers fired tear gasses to try to reclaim the streets.

The government had deployed para military reinforcements after the protest after farmers were also storming into the city’s historic monument, the Red Fort and were occupying the ramparts until the police drew them out.

A group of protesting farmers and leaders made a statement saying that they condemn all acts of violence related to the protest and only wish for peaceful protests. They also stated that acting out in violence will only make it harder to convey the farmers’ message to the government.

The government has declared that the agricultural reforms will liberalize the sector but it will still make the farmers’ poorer as a result.

Protesters have been pleading for the laws to be striked out since November but all was in vain. The government has held multiple discussions with farmer leaders but has put the laws on hold and are not bulging with the reform.

The government has now opposed any planned rally by farmers if they involve violence. They will be given a route which is confined to the outskirts of Delhi.

The laws proposed by the Central government state that the Farmers’ laws propose loosen laws around the sale, pricing and storage for farm produce, overall reducing prices for Farmers.

Farmers and leaders have been fighting hard each day in hope that the government will reform their laws.

By Meena Atmakuri

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