Amazon fined Rs 290 Cr for tracking the activities of EmployeesTop Stories

January 24, 2024 16:53
Amazon fined Rs 290 Cr for tracking the activities of Employees

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Amazon is in hot water with the French data protection watchdog, CNIL, and may have to pay a hefty fine of €32 million. The issue at hand is Amazon's invasive system of monitoring its employees' activities and performance. CNIL has taken issue with the tracking scanners used by Amazon for this purpose. In a statement, CNIL expressed concern about the extensive and intense nature of Amazon's monitoring system, which goes beyond what is typically seen. The watchdog specifically mentioned the use of scanners to track employees, raising concerns about privacy and individual rights.

CNIL is also penalizing Amazon for inadequate security measures regarding its video surveillance systems. This substantial fine shows CNIL's commitment to protecting individuals' privacy and ensuring that companies follow data protection regulations. Amazon, however, disputes CNIL's findings, claiming that they are incorrect. In a separate statement, Amazon defended its use of warehouse management systems, stating that they are industry standard and necessary for operational safety and efficiency.

Amazon is engaged in the tasks of monitoring inventory storage, processing packages promptly, and satisfying customer expectations. The concerns raised by CNIL about privacy and operational efficiency have prompted a broader discussion on the ethical implications of extensive monitoring technologies in the workplace. This recent fine signifies a growing emphasis on the need to consider these implications. Amazon, however, plans to contest CNIL's decision and reserves the right to appeal.

Additionally, Amazon has instructed managers to give lower performance ratings to employees who do not comply with the Return to Office (RTO) policy. Reports from Business Insider suggest that Amazon has gone to extreme measures by blocking promotions for employees who do not meet strict office attendance requirements.

Insider sources reveal that some Amazon employees suspect the company's rigorous return-to-office policy is part of a larger strategy to quietly terminate employees. The idea is that Amazon is intentionally creating difficult conditions to encourage employees to leave voluntarily, which would allow the company to reduce costs without facing the negative consequences of direct terminations.

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