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April 22, 2024 15:41
Narendra Modi takes a dig on Congress

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Sunday that the Congress party is facing consequences for its wrongdoings, as it is now unable to contest as many seats as it once did. Modi highlighted that those who cannot compete in elections also cannot win, resulting in their withdrawal from the political field. He specifically mentioned the case of Rajasthan, where Congress members have shifted to the Rajya Sabha after failing to secure seats in the Lok Sabha. Modi further emphasized the dire state of the Congress, stating that even their former president Sonia Gandhi had to resort to the Rajya Sabha for representation. Although the Congress has denied any reluctance to contest, it is evident that the party is being punished by the people. In the first phase of voting, Rajasthan has already demonstrated its dissatisfaction with the Congress, as it believes that the party is incapable of strengthening India. The Prime Minister added that the country does not want to return to the conditions that existed before 2014. Modi blamed the Congress for weakening the nation through practices of nepotism and corruption, which has caused the anger and resentment that the country now feels towards the party. The youth, in particular, are vehemently opposed to the Congress and do not wish to see it in power again.

During a public gathering in Bhinmal, Modi addressed the crowd in support of BJP candidate Lumbaram Chaudhary. He attributed the current state of the Congress party to its own actions, highlighting their inability to contest as many seats as they once did. Modi compared the party's condition to a kite whose string had been severed before it had a chance to soar. He also emphasized that the INDI Alliance, despite its name, was not truly united, with its members competing against each other in various states. Modi expressed concern about the future, stating that if there was so much infighting before the elections, it would only intensify afterwards. He questioned whether it would be wise to entrust such a large country to these individuals. Additionally, Modi accused the Congress of neglecting basic necessities for "our mothers and sisters," such as toilets, gas, electricity, water, and bank accounts, during their 60-year rule.

In the past, individuals would intimidate the feeble government led by Congress, while the nation was being pillaged by everyone. The prime minister was disregarded and the government operated under external control. A member of the ruling party would convene a press conference, disregard a cabinet-approved ordinance, and discard it. Is it possible for a party like Congress, known for its instability, and its associated family to effectively govern the country? Modi questioned.

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