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February 08, 2021 18:48
9 reasons as to why Singapore is a superior country

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Singapore is one of the most disciplined, clean and advanced countries in the world. If you have visited the city, then you will know that it is quite spectacular in every way. It is known for its great lifestyle, living conditions, safety, education quality, tourism, party life, people and the natural beauty of both flora and fauna of the place. If you have never been to this country, then hopefully this article will convince you enough to take a visit. Here are 9 reasons as to why Singapore is one of the best countries in the world:

1. The food

No matter how expensive or how inexpensive, Singapore always has the best food everywhere. Visitors love eating street food in Singapore. Although it is relatively cheap compared to restaurants and hotels, they still maintain top quality and hygiene. One of the best ways to experience Singapore’s culture is to visit a variety of local and regional food stalls. Singapore street food is so popular, some of the places even managed to garner Michelin stars for their food, making it the world’s first street food to be rated by Michelin stars.

2. Singapore is very, very clean

Singapore is known for having some of the cleanest streets in the world. There are many cleaning workforce employees to maintain and help keep the streets clean. Singapore also has strict rules when it comes to littering or spitting on the streets, vandalism and public urination. Those who do these certain acts will be heavily fined and will be asked to pick up litter in public wearing brightly colored vests. This act is called Corrective Work Order. Singapore is also completely crime free. This country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Those who do crimes, do serious time. Even for the smallest of crimes, the punishment is highly serious. The laws are also strictly followed by the people in the country. If anyone commits a serious crime, after the trial, they are sentenced for a lifetime in jail. If the crime is very serious and does a lot of damage to the country, citizen or group, they also face the death penalty.

3. Singapore has one of the world’s best airport and airlines

Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of the largest and best in the world. You will need to take indoor trams to visit different sections of the airport. It has multiple amenities including swimming pools, luxury stores, designer stores, technology stores, cinema halls, flower gardens, prayer rooms and top class facilities of almost anything. Singapore Airlines are known for their iconic Singapore Girl flight attendants and their quality service and plane facilities. It is one of the best plane companies to fly with.

4. The best of both worlds

Singapore has a reputation for being the world’s Garden city. It has well manicured bushes, gardens and even the public spaces and roads are filled with greenery. Despite the concrete jungle, the country also has an abundance of greenery present throughout the country. There are many plants along the roads, highways and near buildings. Inside Singapore’s famous bird sanctuaries and zoo’s and safari’s there is an abundance of different type of forest and flora found which will truly leave you mesmerized. Singapore has always believed in keeping a fine balance between the number of corporate companies they build in and around the country while juxtaposing the city with fresh, an abundance of variety and immense greenery all over. The streets are completely filled with greenery on the sides and are very easy to drive on.

5. Shop till you drop

In Singapore, Orchard Road is one of the busiest streets for shopping. It is a 2.2 km stretch with malls of all caliber, luxury and thrift. These roads are constantly filled with tourists and visitors from in the city itself. You can also eat great food and watch movies at the theatre in this area. There are also great gaming centers and bowling alleys.

6. You will never step on bubblegum

If you think you will never step on bubblegum because the city is very clean, then you are wrong. Singapore actually has a ban on the sale of bubble gum to avoid citizens leaving their gum in different spots, littering the place and causing an inconvenience to those stepping on it. Although there is no bubble gum available in stores, there is nicotine and dental gum available in pharmacies in the country.

7. The tourist culture

In Singapore, tourism is one of the best aspects about the place. You can visit the skyline which is beautiful at night, famous tourist destinations, visit the zoos, safaris, museums, bird watching, sky-lining, spending a day on the beach or even having a casual day in the park. When it comes to tourism, Singapore is the place to go to. There is an abundance of places you will not even know where to start. Singapore is also a crime free country, making it safe for tourists and citizens to wander around the country and explore 24/7.

8. The Singapore Sling

One of the best things about Singapore, is the iconic Singapore sling which is a cocktail, available at multiple cars across the country. However, if you are a tourist, you must head to Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel and have this drink with peanut shells. The drink is a pretty pink cocktail which has angostura bitters, grenadine and gin which are authentic to the country. Not only does this drink taste extremely good, but will leave you in a great mood.

9. The fun in the sun- the country’s weather

Since Singapore is located near the equator, its temperature usually ranges from 28-34 degrees Celsius during the entire year. It always feels like summer throughout the year. So if you are someone who loves the sunny weather, this is the place for you to go to. Usually, during any time of the year, you can expect a short torrential rainfall, just about any time of the year.

By Meena Atmakuri

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