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March 13, 2013 12:27
Jesus once decided

Jesus once decided to get rid of the narcotics and other similar drugs problem, which was rampant on Earth. He decided to send his apostles to bring back samples of the drugs to see what they did to the body so that he could work on it.

Mark left for Colombia and comes back to Heaven. Christ hears a knocking on the door and asks, “Who is it?” “It is Mark, I brought marijuana from Colombia”. “That's great, son. Come on in”.

After another soft knock on the door, Christ asks, “Who is it?”. “It's Matthew. I brought back cocaine from Bolivia”. “That's great, son. Come on in”. Later John comes with some crack from New York.

A few mins later, another knock is heard on the door. “Who is it?” “It is Judas.” Christ opens the door. “Come on in, my son. What is it that you have for me?” “Freeze, This is FBI. You are under arrest!”

(AW- Anil)


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