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July 25, 2015 16:46

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Do you want to exercise longer without getting tired? Try to include beet juice in your diet. It helps you exercise longer without fatigue by enhancing oxygen delivery and reducing the work of the heart.

The American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology published a study that zeros in on nitrate. Nitrate found in beet juice converted to nitric oxide in the body to more easily dilate blood vessels and enhance the flow of the blood. Thus, the research suggests to add beet juice to the diet.

Study on Beet juice

The study revealed that the consumption of beet juice by exercisers helped them to stay away from fatigue not only while exercising, but also when they were at rest. The researchers concluded that  beet juice is “capable of enhancing O2 delivery and reducing work of the heart” as they observed lowered blood pressure and lessened requirement by the heart during exercise. A total of 14 males participated in the study and consumed beet juice for approximately two weeks.

Contrast Findings

In contrary, researchers found that the juice was ineffective on the dilation the brachial artery, in a Penn State study. Although they found an artery de-stiffening effect, when volunteers were asked to do handgrip exercises.

Potential contributing factors to the study

Some potential contributing factors noted by the researchers are that participants were young and healthy enough thus, having a good vascular endothelial function and lesser fatigue. Additionally, they were asked to do a relatively small range of forearm exercise after consuming Beet juice.


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