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December 30, 2015 11:11
Super foods to burn tummy fat},{Super foods to burn tummy fat

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Tired of getting down belly fat? Check out superfoods with potential to burn your stubborn belly fat and inflammation.

Green tea is the mild beverage that helps to shrink waistline and decrease inflammation. Natural anti-inflammatory properties are abundant in the favinoids in the tea, which also have compound EGCG that reduce body fat.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic and blood sugar regulator. Fat burning for energy could be maximized by controlling blood sugar and insulin levels. Thus, belly fat could be reduced. The thermogenic product also boosts metabolism.

Cinnamon is also a great fat burner. Half tablespoon cinnamon powder should be steeped in water for five minutes. Stain the water and add a table spoon of honey.

Consume this before breakfast or right before bed time.

Apple has the potential to fight many diseases along with reducing belly fat. It gives a full feeling and has potassium and vitamins. So, desired tummy size can be achieved by eating an apple for breakfast.

Watermelon is the best food that avoids food carving as it contains 82% water. IT is rich in vitamin C that is good for health. If you are planning for a healthy diet, this is must to be included. This is must to be included as a good mid-day snack.

Bananas are also rich in potassium and vitamins. The carvings for food can be easily resisted by having a banana as it is filling food. Bananas are the best in boosting metabolic rate, eventually melting the belly fat.


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