Irregular meal timings may lead to increase in weightDiet & Fitness

March 11, 2020 18:18
Irregular meal timings may lead to increase in weight

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Forgetting to eat in a busy day or skipping your meals for reducing the weight would do the other way round as not eating during correct intervals of time is said to be the cause for the increase in weight.

It has been discovered in a study that the times of the intake of food are said o be responsible for causing the gain in weight. A new research has been conducted by Kevin Kelly, Owen McGuiness, Carl Johnson and his colleagues at the Vanderbilt University of the United States of America. UU., according to which it can be said that the schedules of meals can influence your weight on the scale.

While it is known that the balance between the gaining of weight and losing of weight is predominantly determined by what you eat and the quantity of food you eat and also on the amount of exercise you do, it has also been mentioned in the study which has been published in the journal of the PLOS Biology, that event the time schedules of the food being taken are of paramount importance.

The biological clock and the sleep of a person is said to regulate in a way in which the food which they have eaten is metabolized and therefore the choice of burning the fat or carbohydrates is said to change in accordance to the time of day or the night.

The metabolism in the middle aged and the older people have been monitored by the researchers in a whole- room respiratory chamber over two different sessions each of 56 hours with the usage of a randomized cross- sectional experimental design according to which the study suggests that a fast on a daily basis between the dinner and breakfast is said to optimize the weight control.

Another study says that food acts as a fuel to the working of brain for it to work effectively and efficiently and if the intake of food is avoided by an individual the brain starts to produce a hormone called as cortisol in order to compensate the unavailability of food to the body. Cortisol is said to be produced in the adrenal glands which would store every extra calorie and there fore there would be an increase in the belly fat as well as an increase in the levels of cholesterol can be observed.

The excess amount of cortisol that is produced by the body would mess up with the sleep and it has been observed that lack of sleep would make you increase 5 pounds of weight

It has also been said that the individual who cuts down the intake of food in specific time intervals is said to be craving for sugar, carbs and fat and when being stern on eating just one, he/ she would be able to control and starts gobbling up more

Starving on food also lets your body conserve the energy which is done by turning down the natural thermostat which would lead to disturbances in thyroid as under- eating can cause the development of hypothyroidism in ones body which would in turn increase the weight.

The stomach starts producing chemicals and hormones which would let you get confused between being hungry or full and therefore this leads to a stage where you would not feel full even though you eat a lot.

Therefore skipping meals aiming to reduce the weight is not suggestible as it not just puts all your efforts in vain but also increases your weight instead.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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