Dealing with the silent killer - high blood pressureDisorders Care

March 30, 2016 16:18
Dealing with the silent killer - high blood pressure

High blood pressure! To define it in simple words means putting pressure on the heart by your body to pump blood across its organs. Usually, the unset of high blood pressure happens to individuals aged between 20 and 50. Hypertension is called as the silent killer, as it can be remain undetected in the body and has a fatal nature. Organs that are most prone to high BP are kidneys, brain, eyes, arteries and heart.

Go for regular check up
The first thing you have to do to deal with high blood pressure is to go for a regular check up. This is crucial to catch up with hypertension at early stage. This way you can prevent risk of damages to body organs, including heart. Do not ignore headaches.

Medanta Medcity Heart Institute chairman Dr Naresh Trehan said, "It may be a common pain but for some reason people tend to ignore it. Persistent headache or headache appearing time and again could be a sign of high blood pressure and one should never ignore it."

Make changes to life style
Few changes in lifestyle can show huge effect of high blood pressure on body. Limit your salt intake, quit smoking, exercise for half an hour daily, stay away from alcohol, eat vegetable and fruits.

Do not rely on online medications or remedies
It is recommended to go for doctor’s intervention when it comes to high BP. This is because every person’s needs are different and physical capabilities also change from individual to individual. Use of artificial supplements should be strictly avoided.

- Sumana

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