Sonu Nigam: The lord Of Cords!!India Immigration

December 19, 2011 18:31
Sonu Nigam: The lord Of Cords!!

Perhaps that is the reason why entertainers preoccupy us so much. "Music is food for soul so pay attention"- my music teacher used to command when my attention would be more on the hot "samosas" served out for him than on the classical notes.

Well, the king of cord, Sonu Nigam demanded no such attention and yet my heart and soul played to each note he sang. The whole auditorium was packed with people hypnotized by the spell of his magical voice. Titled as "Lord of Cords", the show was an unbeatable four hour mesmerizing journey through melodious Bollywood tunes. We reached Medinat Jumeirah at Dubai for the show, praying for a car park decently close to the concert area; ultimately we started wishing we didn't have to take a taxi from the parking place to the show area. Despite the rush, the sprawling Medinat Area looked lively-buzzing with activity but not congested. We settled down comfortably inundated with anticipation. Nothing however prepared us for what transpired in the show. I was worried that with my son on my lap, chances of shaking a leg in tune with Mr. Nigam's numbers were ruined. After all what is a concert if one doesn't freak out and dance with complete abandon. Had I known that I would be so transfixed by his hypnotic voice, I would not have worried. The concert evening kick started with the resonance of drum beats and state of art lighting, setting the ambience for the audience.

When the "lord of cord" was on stage (excepting for a few breathers), he and he alone dominated the stage! The large-hearted artist never missed a chance to introduce and acknowledge the talent of his troupe member, including the drummer, guitarist, lady co-artist, etc. He added a fair dose of his famous good natured humor to his performance, inciting surge of laughter among the audience. It was however his sensationally mellifluous voice, control, range and variation over it that held the audience completely captive. Every note and sound escaping his mouth flaunted his immense talent, rigorous penance and unparalleled devotion to music.

When he started the evening with "Shukra Illa", God himself seemed to loom in air. The evening resonated with hot favorites like "Dil Se", "Satrangee Re", "Kahane Ko Jashne Bahara Hai" and"Tanhaee". He stirred up a ruckus among the younger generation when he called the small kids from the audience on stage to sing "Aal Iss Well" along with him. Seeing the small kids wrapped around him summoned memories of his "Saregama" days on television. The repertoire of melodious songs was a scintillating mix of trendy and effervescent in the first half, followed by old and nostalgic in the second part of the show. The concert area resounded with the notes of the music maestro and the audience singing along. The ambience was truly electrifying!! Indians residing away from home in Dubai listened and sung "Sandese Ate Hain"with an aching heart full of nostalgia and patriotism. He wrapped up the evening with a somber personal account of his mother's illness and the importance of valuing the important people in our life. He tried to oblige with the innumerable audience requests despite a return flight at 4 PM, and managed to conclude the evening on the high lingering note of " Kal Ho Na Ho."

As my daughter revisited the wonder she had witnessed and amazed at how lucky he was to be so popular, I gave her a glimpse of the grit and sweat that lies behind every success. Singing in 54 different voices (male and female), in different languages (Arabic, French...etc), winning every competition from the age of 3, and winning an enviable range of awards and accolades does not come without tremendous dedication and austerity. Ahh! On a parting note, what do you call an artist whose voice summons the angles, who can dance effortlessly, and who has the rave looks of a star: Hot commodity ...what else.


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