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August 05, 2014 17:26
Load up on these vitamin C rich foods},{Load up on these vitamin C rich foods

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Think citrus fruits run a monopoly when it comes to this must-have nutrient? Not really. There are plenty of other food sources which are equally or more dense in vitamin C. A vital nutrient for growth and repair of body tissues, production of collagen, and upkeep of tendons, ligaments and blood vessel, vitamin C, sadly, cannot be made or stored by the body and hence, it's important to keep up its quotient is by noshing on fruits and other foods that packs in good measure of this vital vitamin. We suggest you some:

Yellow Bell Pepper
This crunchy, colorful, low-calorie veggie is dense in vitamin C and consuming it daily could make up for your recommended daily intake of 75 milligrams of it.

Eating half of a large papaya daily won't just fulfill your daily recommended dose of vitamin C, but also replenish your system with vitamin A and fiber.

This tropical fruit packs in incredible amounts of vitamin C per cup — five times more than your recommended intake.

This salad staple isn't called a superfood for nothing. A rich source of vitamin C, this leafy green also contains good amount of antioxidant, fortifying and benefitting your body at the same time.

A cup of these pretty looking berries has about the same amount of vitamin C as a medium orange. Whoa! Time to pop some.

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