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December 22, 2020 17:41
How to make your world colorful when everything is dark

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It is the unfortunate truth that we all feel hopeless sometimes. It feels like no matter how much we do, life is always dragging us down. Our efforts are not enough, nobody around us loves us and everyone keeps talking about the beautiful colors and things around us but everything is just in black and white.

So what is the secret to being happy? How can I spend the rest of my life knowing I will never be sad again?

The answer to all these questions is yes.

The secret to being joyful is mastering pain.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Each second there is a voice telling you that you are not good enough or there is a feeling in your stomach that makes you want to throw up but sink low at the same time. But life Is short and you’re missing out on all the wonderful things life has to offer.

When you’re depressed, every single day feels like you’re on a battle field. The whole time period of being depressed will make you feel heavy and pointless.

Here are a few ways in which you can uplift yourself and improve your mood when you're feeling low:

Love yourself first

Before you expect love from other- friends, family, peers, colleagues etc, it is important you love yourself. Practice self love. Look at the things that you are good at . Even if you find no positive attributes about yourself, that is okay. Set some goals and get occupied. Notice the infinite blessings and possibilities in your life.

Zombie days

Zombie days are when you completely shut down, curled up in a corner looking for ways to distract yourself from feeling anything.

Everyone has zombie days. Life isn't always fair to everybody. But this is okay. It is possible to happy all the time. When you have zombie days, you analyze why you are feeling that way and what makes you feel so upset.

Everyone deals with pain differently. So step back and reflect on why you are feeling a certain way and what might be the possible reason for you feeling this way. What is the root cause of you feeling that way.

Reach out to someone

Bottling up your feelings only make you feel worse. If you have someone who you know will understand your feelings, have a conversation wit them. Opening up about your feelings with others can help give you perspective. Opening up is a hard but vital step. If you feel like there is no one you can talk to, talking to yourself can be the best therapy.

Music is your best friend

Music can help put you in a better mode and elevate your feelings for the better.

Animals are god’s best gift.

Playing with animals can really elevate your mood. Their unconditional compassion can never be felt with any human being. Animals are also very understanding of human emotions. Although they may not be able to communicate with you, they can help make you feel better through their own ways.

Nature is god’s next best gift

Did you know plants have the power to elevate your mood? They release powerful energy into the air we breathe making us feel positive. Walking outdoors can also help give your head some clear space to think.

Go healthy

Switching your lifestyle to a healthier outcome can help make you feel more positive and better about yourself. Exercising in any form can help relieve stress. Lay down on the junk food and switch to healthier food. If you are dealing with suppressed anger issues, boxing can be a very playable and enjoyable sport.

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Write away

If you feel like you would get judged or misunderstood explaining your feelings to someone, then write. Writing down can help take a load off you.

Crying is okay

Bottling up emotions can only make you feel worse. Let out all your emotions through crying. It is completely okay to have a good cry. Hugging someone or something is also a stress reliever.

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Day dreaming is okay

Sometimes movies and books set our expectations of love or life so high that you will expect to find the same kind of love in real life as well. Do not keep this notion in your head. Entertainment gives you what you would like to see. You must adapt to the fact that reality is much more complicated .

The sun is fun

Bask in the sun. Sometimes warmth is all you need, physically and emotionally. Basking in the sun not only fulfills you emotionally but is also good for your skin and health.

Bake something

Experts claim that baking can help reduce 60 percent of stress in a human being. This is a good start! Look up some recipes, buy the ingredients and bake your troubles away. Even the result will be sweet! (no pun intended)

You-view YouTube

There are a lot of people on this earth who might not have the same experience as you but would still share how they elevate themselves. Watch videos on YouTube for inspiration,laughs, seriousness to help discard your unhappy feelings. Even if the video is short, whatever you have watched will stick in your head for a long time.

And finally, breathe in- breathe out

No body forgets to breathe. It is a natural human system. If you are feeling anxious, take in deep breaths. This can help calm your system and also improve your breathing. It also helps reduce stress.

All these practices seem like something every body will tell you. But the reason that they are well known processes is because they do work. One cannot instantly become happy after practicing all of this. It will take time, patience and practice to attain true happiness. Get to know yourself better. Take time to understand yourself.

Life is a long and the unknown is beyond us. But you can master it and it is possible to turn your life into the better for yourself. Love yourself and be the great person you were destined to be.

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By Meena Atmakuri

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