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January 02, 2021 15:59
21 Ways To Stay Healthy In 2021

It is a new year. Start off this new year by changing your lifestyle and switching to a better life. Say no to the unhealthy and wanted and be happy this year, despite the fact that we are in a pandemic. Here are 21 ways to deal with 2021 to help make your life better.

1.    Say no to diets

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It is a common misunderstanding that going on a diet will help you lose weight and stay fit. This fact is not true at all.  Diets are actually ineffective for your body. Instead of going on diets, switch to eating healthier instead. Decrease the amount of junk food you add to your food rather than decreasing the amount of food you eat. Another myth we are here to debunk is that when people tell you eggs are not good and give you excess cholesterol, they are wrong. Studies show that eggs have no effect on blood cholesterol- the white, the yolk all of it.

2.  Embrace you body the right way

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There are misleading posts on Instagram where influencers or celebrities are embracing their body fat to promote body positivity. This is not correct. Body fat, especially belly fat is particularly harmful. You are more prone to getting metabolic diseases. You can lose weight through exercise and cutting out carbs and sugar from your diet. Eating proteins and fibres also helps.

3. Take care of your relationships

Having unhealthy relationships with your partner, family and peers can have a negative impact on your mental health. Studies show that those who are on good terms with their friends and family live a longer and happier life.

4. Sugar isn’t always so sweet

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Eating too much sugar can have a negative impact on your body. It can effect you with obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and different forms of cancer.

5. Try to quit smoking and drinking

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Smoking and drinking can affect you mentally and physically. Make sure that this year you cut down and switch to a healthier alternative lifestyle.

6. Go to sleep

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Getting sleep is one of the most important aspects in anyones life. There is nothing more refreshing for the body, mind and soul than getting quality sleep. Less sleep can disrupt your concentration, trigger mood swings, disrupt your appetite and reduce your mental and physical performances.  It is important that you get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

7. Coffee is your new best friend

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Coffee is actually very healthy. It depends on how you drink it. Intaking it with too much sugar is harmful. Black coffee is actually relatively healthier. They reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson and Alzheimer.

8. Go nuts- nut-ritious and healthy

Although nuts have high fat content, they are still very nutritious and healthy. Nuts can help you fight heart diseases and help you lose weight as well. Nuts can also help boost your metabolism.

9. Do not overcook, burn or undercook your meat

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Meats have a lot of protein which is good for you. Overcooking them can remove them of these properties and can raise your risk to cancer. Undercooking can cause the unhealthy properties on the meat which are usually lost with heat, to stay. Consuming that is not good for your health.

10. Eat veggies and fruits

Loaded with fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, fruits and evegtables are extremely healthy and can lower the risk of you having a heart disease, type 2 diabetes and many other illnesses.

11.  Fun in the Sun

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Until 9 AM, the sun radiates strong vitamin D through sunlight. Not getting exposure to sun can cause your skin to age quickly. You will become more prone to skin diseases, cancer and depression. If you are someone who cannot get a lot of sunlight due to the area you live in, take vitamin D3 tablets to catch up on your intake.

12. Correct your posture

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If you want to help you body composition, lifting weights can be an effective way to do it. It can help strengthen your muscles and improve your body composition. It can also help your body become more strong. Lifting weights is also seen as a form of exercise.

13. Spice up your food

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Add herbs and spices to your food. They have very powerful and effective benefits for you. Ginger, turmeric both have antioxidant effects and these are some examples of spices. Not just for the multiple benefits spices and herbs have but they both also add nice flavour to your food.

14. The correct answer is, extra virgin olive oil

Out of all the oils which you can add to your food, extra virgin olive oil is the winner. It is load with health monounsaturated fats and antioxidants so powerful they can fight multiple diseases including heart attacks and strokes. If you are someone who wants to add lot of oil for taste but are worried about the effect the oil might have on your family or friends cholesterol levels, then switch to extra virgin olive oil. No matter how much you add in your food, is it all beneficial for the body.

15. Stay Hydrated

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This should be self explanatory. Water is the solution to literally, almost anything. Drink more water and stay hydrated. An average person must drink 1 litre for every 20 kgs you weigh. If you are an athlete or involve much in sports, you should be drinking more water. Do not count how much water you are intaking while drinking. Make sure you keep a set and try to finish it by the end of the day. Do not drink too much water as it can get rid of the good toxins in your body making you feel famish. Also, it is not advisable to drink water before you sleep as it can disrupt your sleeping pattern.

16.  Work out

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Pick up a form of exercise this year. It can range from anything being yoga, meditation to lifting weights and the gym, running in a park, cycling , swimming or even going to dance classes.

Exercises have a positive effect on the person’s mind and body. It keeps them more calm, focused, relaxed and has a positive effect on their body’s metabolism. Pick exercises which you think you might enjoy rather than picking an exercise because you have to as you might loose interest quicker.  Stopping an exercise mid way after either a week or so will actually make you gain more weight than you initially thought you would lose.

17. Run Forest, run!

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If you are exercising currently, then that is good. Try involving more cardio into your workouts.  Cardio can help you reduce belly fat and harmful toxins in the body. It also increases your focus, determination and helps reduce stress. For some, running is actually quite therapeutic .

18. Spice up your food, now spice up your life

Sexual activity is very important whether it is with your partner or by yourself. Sexual activities actually helps you burn a lot of calories, making it a good workout. It also, reduces stress and anxiety. Studies state that those who are involved in sexual activities with a partner or alone can are more happier than those who are not involved.

19. Reduce your screen time

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Since we are amidst a pandemic, looking at screens more often has become a necessity. When you are not working or using a screen, spend time doing something that will relax your eyes such as cooking, reading a book or taking a nap. Looking at screens before you sleep can also be harmful to your eyes and can reduce the amount of sleep you get.

20. Let go of negativity

If there are people who you believe are toxic in your life, let them go. It is time to leave people who hurt you behind and move on. Leaving toxic people can have a positive effect on your mind. It can make you more happy and confident as a person.

21. Last but not the least, love yourself

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Positive mental health is very important. You cannot love anyone or anything around you unless you learn to love yourself first. Learn to love yourself. Accept yourself for your flaws and work on building yourself for the better. You are a good person. Always remember that.

Before you start a healthy living, it is important that you are mentally well first. If you are feeling depressed, suffering from anxiety, insomnia or any mental issues, get the help you need.

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- Meena Atmakuri

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