Tips To Help Your Depressed TeenHealthy Living

October 10, 2023 14:20
Tips To Help Your Depressed Teen

The adolescent age is the most cornered and worried age of a parent. Most of the time, parents listen to the words moody, withdrawn and down from their teenagers. Young people are often depressed even with their exams. But how far do parents know that their teen is experiencing major depression and when does a parent go for professional help?

First let us understand, what are the major terms of depression. low mood or irritability, loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities. Depression in teens also includes physical symptoms like sleep disturbance, fatigue and cognitive symptoms like negative thoughts about the future and themselves. Teens will also suffer while making decisions when they are suffering from depression.

Major pain is brief sadness. It is easy to know this in teens as they are mostly irritable and mood changes than in adults.

Listen to your children, let them feel that you are concerned about them and validate their feelings. When they talk about their difficulties, support them. Try not to dismiss the teen’s feelings and punish irritable behaviour. Reminding them about the positives and offering them solutions, might often backfire or be misunderstood.

Treatment often includes lifestyle interventions, Psychological therapy or prescription of antidepressants when needed. Like all other medications antidepressants will also have side effects.

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