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February 06, 2015 18:20

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How do you feel when you have to leave your loved one who is waiting for you, while you attend the call? Make sure that this valentine day you won’t commit the mistake could ruin your valuable day.

Here are some tips how you can make this valentine day most memorable day.

For men

Do not wait until the last minute to ask your lady out. A woman likes to be asked by more than one man on this night.

Make sure that you choose florist one, after choosing see that you stay for long time to make sure that that relationship is built.

Usher the lady to the car, hold the car door and give her table chair with a smile on your face.

If you going out make sure that you are reserving the seat well in time. Also manage your expenses accordingly and manage the expense in advance so that it

won’t turn out into a bad day

Remember to always maintain eye contact, but not in a creepy way, while on the date. This day is about the couple expressing the love and affection they share.

For women

Men always are different from women. Give them space so that they can reflect on what a catch you are.

Dress accordingly on all efforts more than a man makes efforts make the day.

Just remember the way you dress the same will reflect on what you think, in shortly what you are and what you are too..!

You know from a long time this day is reserved for this day, keeps your gossip aside for next days. This day is for both of you only..!

Leave your baggage behind. There is nothing worse than a woman scuffle through her bag to find that lip gloss. Invest into a classy clutch to carry the necessary

-Arun Kumar

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