Ways to make your relationship workRelationship

September 16, 2014 12:19
Ways to make your relationship work},{Ways to make your relationship work

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Is your relationship at rock bottom due to your demanding work schedule and stressful life? Fret not. You can still revive your relationship. Here are some tips to make your relationship work.

Communicate more often

Talking to each other is the antidote of most relationship blues. If you don’t have time to talk face to face during the weekdays then stay in touch through your mobile. Also make it a point to have at least one meal together when you can bond over the day’s events. On weekends spend as much time together. And start talking about all the issues you have been avoiding. Maybe your partner will not react the way you have envisaged.


Just like it’s important to communicate your thoughts, listening to your partner is equally important if you want to revive your relationship. Listen to your partner carefully before putting across your viewpoint. Give him/her a chance to explain before you jump to conclusions. Many of the questions in your relationship may be answered if you patiently listen to your partner.

Spend time together

Pay attention to your relationship and invest time to nurture it. Maintain a balance between your professional and personal life. Try to return home early from work and spend quality time with your partner. Avoid going to social gatherings where your partner cannot go. Plan events where you and your partner can spend time together. Give time and attention to your relationship, it needs to be nurtured.

Start dating

Couples often make their life monotonous by getting into a routine. Make your life more interesting by going out for dates like in the courtship days. Go for luncheons and dinner dates with your partner at new places in the city. Take a long drive and enjoy the beautiful weather. Give small gifts it adds romance to your relationship. Don’t stop doing interesting things just because you feel secure in the relationship.


Intimacy is a vital part in a relationship. In fact most couples fall apart as they become less intimate. The busy schedules and life stressors make couples exhausted that they don’t have time and emotion to spare for intimacy. A lot of your relationship issues will get sorted if you maintain regular intimacy with your partner.

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