7 ways to handle when your boy friend huts youRelationship

January 19, 2015 19:17
7 ways to handle when your boy friend huts you},{7 ways to handle when your boy friend huts you

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If you boyfriend hearts to then you have to tell him about that otherwise he won’t realize. This is one of the times when you have to be honest.Tel him that he hurt your feeling and how did.This is the first thing you have to do when your boy friend hearts you.

Give him a chance

Before taking any decision you have to give a chance to apologize .If he feels bad and asks for apology hen you may not need to do anything else. You can forgive him and continue for the day together. That’s what you can do. 

Tell him  

Your guy may not be like you, he might think in different way. Your boyfriend might not know what he said and how it hurts you. In this situation, you need to explain why you were hurt and how he made you feel. This can help clear up any confusion he has.

Make him to know

When your boy friend is caring and has a good heart intentionally he might not hurt you but It was most likely completely unintentional. In this situation, you still want to tell him your feelings are hurt but you also want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Make him to think

When your boy friend h hurts you wontedly not be willing to understand or apologize.if this is the situation then give him some time to think and have some time make him to realize this situation into his mind.  

Listen to his version

Remember that everything has two sides, sometimes you might have misunderstood him.Give him a chance to tell what actually he meant to tell. He might have directing to some other person in different situation. In this time things can be easily worked out.

Evaluate your relationship

When your boyfriend hurts you wontedly then it time to evaluate your relationship. Your guy’s words may be ok till certain extent if they out of the situation then it’s the time can be a red flag.No one deserves someone who is purposely hurting. During this situation it’s better to be honest to yourself to state the relationship. 

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