Complicated Relationships: Mouth Comes First in Kissing, Last in TalkingRelationship

April 13, 2015 18:43

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The perfect relationships would generally spend time on discussing the important aspects of life and future of the pair or any other. The perfect relationships, be in love, family, friendship, or any other just focus on the non-physical or willing physical activities.

While the complicated and non serious relationships would just spend time on having physical pleasure or materialist benefits and dealings. If talking exclusively on the love relationship in the younger generation they just meets for having good ride as the famous quotation by Lauren Kate, Torment says, “They could steam up windows with their kisses, but as soon as they started using their mouths for other things—like talking—everything got so complicated.”

It may look very aggressive to comment on the bond, but it is certainly right in most of the temporary relationships. The lips come forward to have smooching and the bodies come together for having the sexual pleasure, but they won’t come together for discussing the important things like career, legality in the relationship, continuity of the love forever, expressing wish with the parents and convincing society.

It is not affirming all the temporary or non-serious relationships are just strive for physical or material benefits, but most of the cases would just prefer these outcomes. People would go for kissing in public and having prolonged scenes on bed, but won’t get time for revealing the relationship with family and friends.


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