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May 16, 2015 17:23

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Being a divorcee or a widow is painful for any woman in her 20 to 50 year age, sine she miss everything in her life. More than this, having a child, and no spouse causes both mental and physical stress in the women.

Single mom status compels a woman to adopt a new lifestyle and increased responsibilities. A new research has mentioned that single motherhood, in the ages of teen and middle, is associated with poorer health in later stages of life.

The data from the England, the US, Denmark and Sweden shows worse health conditions of lone mothers on the basis of a survey conducted with a set of queries on raising children, marital status and other factors.

The research data reveals that 1 in every 3 of participating mothers had been a single mother before the age of 50, while in England and Western European countries - it was around 1 in 5, when coming to Denmark and Sweden it was around 4 out of 10, and in Southern Europe it was about 1 in 10.

The research also mentioned that women who became single mothers before the age of 20 because of divorce or who parented alone for 8 or more years, were having highest chances of physical disability and poor health in later life than normal family life.

Single parenthood becomes an obstacle to pursue education, to work and to settle in life. Even the absence of physical activities with counter partner also hampers the woman’s energy. The research report, which was published online in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health also mentioned that they have not observed any heart related problems in single moms.

Try to have perfect companion for having all kinds of support throughout life, search for someone to look after children and you in needed times.


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