Saris trends for 2012..Women

April 12, 2012 20:21
Saris trends for 2012..

It is not that I am highlighting our Indian Culture for a simple reason of me being an Indian. Not to forget the entire Universe is proud of our Culture and Traditional values are institution of marriage and the Identity of Indian Woman and that is a Sari… what more reasons could you require to believe no matter what changes and alters in our fashion industry, Sari is always voted top in our fashion trend. In fact, Sari has its own place and importance… just like we add more colors right from our old relationships and our look as well, similarly let us know what are the trends in the Sari that are ‘in’, this season;

Nivi Sari

Nivi saris are most famous nowadays. Latest fashion ramps and fashion weeks reveal these nivi saris by different glamorous personalities. Nivi saris depicts on tucked waistband called petticoat. Plain skirt is used with these types of nivi saris. Ladies can get ornamental and elegant complexion with these nivi saris. That’s why we add nivi sari trends in our latest 2012 fashion assortment.

Latest Draping Sari

During 1900s English Royal family ladies come to India and they adopted some saree trends, they modify these sari styles for their own use and develop draping saree styles. These trends are now part and parcel of sari fashion. Culture of draping sari develops by these two famous examples and now you cannot live without these trends even in 2012. Several embroidery like Tilla, Makaish, Gota, attractive zardozi and gold form varanasi work make these draping sari style more elegant and gorgeous.

Silk Sari

Slik provide extra sexy and firm pleasure to its wearer and viewer. The trends of silk sari are prolonged through the centuries, silk saris are ties in different stylish ways, for example with petticoat tied about four to six inches below from the cleavage / navel near about midriff. Some women in India being part of high society use to wear piercings to grab the attention of people to their hot navel and hidden body parts. For that style and attention seizing tact, silk is perfect fabric and admire at large scale in all over the world by fashion and trend lovers. Silk saree trends 2012 used in bollywood by different celebrities to increase their glamorous and trendy look for their viewers.

Bollywood Sari

During performing in some movie this is necessary to look glamorous and stylish and this extra charm can easily get by wearing a sexy and stylish sari. In Bollywood Movies the use of sari is on large level. Bollywood actresses use this stylish sari to carve their international image with modern and popular style sari trends 2012. Mind blowing styles of Bollywood Saris followed by teens and ladies not even in India but in all over the world.

Banarsi Sari

In all above saree trends Banarasi Sari style is on top ranking. Banarsi Sari trends came from Indian city Banaras. Banarsi Sari Style is purely traditional and liked by eastern women due to their long strip and classical patterns. Banarasi Sari are available in different gorgeous and beautiful encrypted floral and geometrical designs. Due to diversity in design and part of demand we added BanarsiSaree in 2012 trends assortment list.


Bhulia is basic origin of Sonepuri Sari / sari this is also Indian district of Orissa. The other name of this trend is Bomkai and is traditionally famous and classical. According to eminent fashion gurus Sonepuri Sari Trends 2012 will be at top in upcoming fashion year.

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