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January 04, 2020 15:48
Right Balance in a Relationship Help for a Stronger Bond

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Just like the way balanced diet keeps us healthier physically, balance in a relationship helps for a healthy mental health! The initial stages of being in a relationship are filled with flowers and love as we dedicate and commit all of ourselves to our partner. Little do we know that, as the time changes the relationship needs to be bound together by understanding, trust, respect and many more, few of which are being mentioned here.

Commitments may lead to compromise:

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Committing and dedicated yourself and your time to your partner makes your bond in the relationship stronger but continuing to do it several times neglecting your joys might lead to mental stress. There may be times where you want to invest your time for a solo trip or meeting your friends but you might have to compromise just because you have dedicated and committed yourself to your partner. This might be seeming happy and healthy in the start but as the days pass and the incidences keep repeating, you might get your mental health affected.

Communication is the key:

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Communication is often misunderstood as just talking or letting yourself out. The actual meaning lies where you talk as well as listen patiently and sincerely to your partner. Let yourself out on the things that trouble you and sought it out rather than putting it to yourself and suffer as this leads to misunderstandings and affects the healthy relationship.

Keeping in control can be dangerous:

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Keeping your partner under control by taking a stand whenever and wherever needed can help in making the bond stronger. But at the same time, if this crossing limits and is disturbing one’s freedom of individuality it may turn out to be the biggest nightmare as it results in suppressed tension which may have damaging outbursts.

Dependency makes things worse:

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Asking your partner for suggestions and solutions when you are not able to figure things out can be helpful but this can turn from casual consulting to an incurable disease of dependency. This makes things even worse as you will be limiting yourself from growing and at the same time you will be restricting your partner from concentrating on other things which may include hobbies, friends, work etc.

Respecting individuality is a must:

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Often in a relationship, invading each other’s personal space leads to stepping on each others individuality which may turn out to be dangerous on a long run. Respecting each other’s individuality and personal space helps the relationship turn stronger along with trust.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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