Subtle Yet Effective Signs That He’s Unhappy in the RelationshipWhat He's Thinking

September 10, 2018 14:00
Subtle Yet Effective Signs That He’s Unhappy in the Relationship

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Maintaining a steady relationship is hard and a lot of work, isn’t it? But, have you ever witnessed signs and symptoms associated with the fact that your partner is not happy in the relationship. If he has been constantly staying aloof and been out of the loop when the same was completely different at the start of the relationship, there are chances that he might not actually be that invested in the relationship that he was in the beginning.

In this article, we are going to highlight few of the subtle signs that he is not that happy in the relationship as he probably was back in time.

Compromise or adjustments seem like a farfetched concept

If your partner has consistently been trying to not be adjusting and thinking about their well being all throughout the relationship, it is time that you understand the underlying possibility that they might have been losing their interest. Commitments and compromise are part of any healthy relationship and if the latter is becoming one-sided on your part while he fails to even attempt with it, it is time you be alert and maybe confront him?

Are they always out?

You planned a romantic dinner for the both of you and when you ask him when he’s going to be back, are you faced with the constant reply of “Eating out. Hanging out with buddies”? If you are stuck in such a similar situation, chances are that he is avoiding your company and spending majority of his hours outside to reduce as much as conversation as he can. Take the hint and maybe drop down the excess efforts you are putting in.

Is he becoming dismissive while conversing?

A happy and engaged partner will want to know about your day and be thoughtful of your day and not just be short with the conversation. If the same is happening with you in which he is becoming very short and cryptic with his answers when you are asking him questions, there are possibilities that he is either not interested in having a conversation with you or is being very dismissive and disinterested in what you want to talk about.

You have lost the physical intimacy

As much as a relationship is based on mental compatibility, physical intimacy plays a crucial role in it as well. So, if you are finding yourself being the only one initiating something physical with your partner while they stay still and uninterested in the same, it is a sign that he is not that invested in the relationship and might be unhappy in it.

Has he been picking fights?

This is possibly one of the most common and visible evidences that your partner is not happy in the relationship. If even the smallest of the reasons is ticking them off and making them start an unnecessary fight with you which can easily be resolved otherwise is a very prominent reason that he might be unhappy in the relationship.

Any kind of relationship is hard and has its fair share of ups and downs. If you are finding him detaching and being distant, it is best to just sit down and have a talk like adults because sometimes, all you need to do is talk everything out and not bottle things up.

- Somapika Dutta

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