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November 26, 2013 18:42
Why Do Men Flirt at Workplace?

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Do you think that the handsome guy across the floor is interested in you? Don't be Fooled. He's probably simply bored and trying to relieve himself from his monotonous work. According to a study conducted by a UK-based university, men flirt with their female colleagues out of boredom and not because of sparks of passion. The results of the study is based on a survey conducted using 200 people, according to reports.

A follow-up study revealed that such workplace flirts were low on "emotional intelligence", or had lower sensitivity to the feelings of other people. Psychologists from Surrey University did another study to test whether flirting improves the chances of promotion at work.. Result of the study revealed that flirts were not better than non-flirts at work. Infact, it was found that flirts were less satisfied with their jobs. So the notion that one can flirt his way to the top is wrong.

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