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  • Five-star hotel accommodation for hundreds of newly-elected MPs, Type VII Bungalows, five star hotel accommodation for hundreds of newly elected mps, 15th lok sabha

    Five-star hotel accommodation for hundreds of newly-elected MPs 2014-05-28 07:15:36

    The palatial Hotel Ashok you see in the image is now home to hundreds of Parliamentarians. The recently over Lok Sabha 2014 elections might have earned fresh seats for many candidates in the Parliament. But at the same time, the...

    Keywords: Outgoing Ministers, Outgoing Ministers, UD Ministry, Outgoing Ministers

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    15th lok sabha session, telangana, was 15th lok sabha the worst performing parliament, 15th lok sabha

    Was 15th Lok Sabha the worst performing Parliament? 2014-02-22 05:15:04

    The 15th Lok Sabha  will go down the annals of history as the worst performing, most messed up Parliament of the Indian republic. Commotion and chaos were the order of the day. The Lok Sabha lost a full session to...

    Keywords: protest, telangana, lok sabha session, disrupted

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    madhu koda, Rahul Gandhi among the top worst MPs of India, rahul gandhi among the top worst mps of india, 15th lok sabha

    Rahul Gandhi among the top worst MPs of India 2014-03-29 05:02:03

    Congress' crown prince Rahul Gandhi is once again finding himself at the bottom end of a new list. As per the Indian Today Group Ranking of the Best and the Worst Indian MPs, Rahul ranks as fifth-worst among all other...

    Keywords: worst indian mp, ngo, congress, top news

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    Andhra Pradesh bifurcation, Lok Sabha, how birth of telangana killed indian democracy, 15th lok sabha

    How birth of Telangana killed Indian democracy? 2014-02-19 05:21:25

    The last day of the 15th Lok Sabha session will go down in the chronicles of history as the day when the custodians of democracy threw freedom in the wind and bifurcated Andhra Pradesh, sans the consent of its 42...

    Keywords: Congress, Lok Sabha, Andhra Pradesh bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh bifurcation

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    saffron party, BJP, will jaswant singh quit bjp, 15th lok sabha

    Will Jaswant Singh quit BJP? 2014-03-24 06:08:51

    Senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh will file his nomination papers today for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections from Barmer in Rajasthan. Singh will contest elections as an independent candidate as he was not given a ticket of his choice. The...

    Keywords: Will Jaswant Singh quit BJP, Barmer, Barmer, independent candidate

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    Telangana, pepper spray, how goonday mps are terrorizing the country befouling culture, 15th lok sabha

    How goonday MPs are terrorizing the country, befouling culture? 2014-02-14 05:30:47

    13th of February, 2014 will indeed go down in history as a black day for Indian democracy and a new low for Indian politics. Shards of glass broken, spritz of pepper sprayed, lawmakers rooting out microphones, waving banners, shouting slogans,...

    Keywords: L Rajagopal, pepper spray, L Rajagopal, Andhra Pradesh

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