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  • Coronavirus, Karnataka Coronavirus news, karnataka government announces 14 days lockdown to battle coronavirus, Coronavirus lockdown

    Karnataka government announces 14 days lockdown to battle coronavirus 2021-04-26 15:16:47

    Karnataka is one among the most impacted states of the country due to coronavirus. The state government has been trying hard to bring things to a control but the new cases reported continued to be high. The government today announced...

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    Boris Johnson updates, Boris Johnson controversies, boris johnson to face questions after two ministers quit, Coronavirus lockdown

    Boris Johnson to Face Questions After two Ministers Quit 2022-07-06 10:10:11

    United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson will face questions in the Parliament by the lawmakers after a couple of top ministers called it a quit from his government. The Finance and Health Secretaries called it a quit yesterday along with...

    Keywords: United Kingdom, Boris Johnson controversy, Boris Johnson breaking news, Boris Johnson latest

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    Coronavirus, Maharashtra Coronavirus new updates, 13 coronavirus patients dead after a fire accident in maharashtra, Coronavirus lockdown

    13 Coronavirus Patients dead after a fire accident in Maharashtra 2021-04-23 08:32:42

    The coronavirus tragedies continue to haunt the Indians. Around 13 people passed away after a fire accident took place in Virar, Maharashtra. The incident took place from 70 km from Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. The incident took place at...

    Keywords: Maharashtra Coronavirus breaking, Coronavirus, Maharashtra Coronavirus lockdown, Maharashtra Coronavirus updates

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    China Coronavirus, China Coronavirus in August, china reports the highest new covid 19 cases for the year, Coronavirus lockdown

    China Reports the Highest New Covid-19 Cases for the Year 2021-08-04 10:39:57

    It all started in China and the entire world is now struggling with the coronavirus pandemic. The situation came to a sudden control in China and countries like the USA, India and Brazil are the most impacted nations of the...

    Keywords: China Coronavirus in August, China Coronavirus latest, China Coronavirus, China Coronavirus breaking updates

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    Covid-19, China Coronavirus breaking news, china struggling to control covid 19 with rapidly growing cases, Coronavirus lockdown

    China Struggling to Control Covid-19 with Rapidly Growing Cases 2022-12-14 11:08:41

    The coronavirus scare is back in China and the nation has been struggling hard to bring the situation to a control. A top health body based in the country said that it is quite impossible to track the infections across...

    Keywords: China Coronavirus new wave, Coronavirus in China, Coronavirus in China, China Coronavirus news

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    Coronavirus in China, China Coronavirus update, china s covid 19 surge making the world sleepless, Coronavirus lockdown

    China's Covid-19 Surge Making The World Sleepless 2022-12-26 05:25:05

    The new wave of coronavirus in China has left the world in shock and all the countries of the globe are alerted. The new variant of Omicron killed lakhs of people in China and the recent reports said that more...

    Keywords: China Coronavirus updates, China Coronavirus news, China Coronavirus breaking news, China Coronavirus breaking news

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