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March 15, 2012 11:18
Shiva-Vishnu Temple, Livermore

Since its incorporation in 1977, the Hindu Community and Cultural Center (HCCC) has made great strides in its mission to build and operate a Hindu Temple. A nine- year odyssey, led to construction of the Shiva-Vishnu Temple in Livermore, CA., whose Kumbhabhishekam (Consecration) was celebrated in 1986, followed by Mahakumbhabhishekam (12th anniversary) in 1998. The Temple has been built to authentic specifications in the best of North and South Indian traditions, and is one of the few Hindu Temples in Northem California that offers comprehensive services for ritualistic worship of Hindu deities (Homas, Abhishekas, Archanas, etc).

In early 1993, the Temple enclosure was completed, with the construction of a roof and installation of sprinklers, a sound system, etc. In 1997, the Assembly Hall adjoining the main Temple was built complete with kitchen and dining facilities, a “Kalyana Mantapam,” (Assembly Hall) and an enclosed promenade. In September 1999, the shilpi work was completed and the interior and exterior walls were cleaned, scrubbed and painted, and the Temple facade has become more beautiful than ever before.

The Shiva-Vishnu Temple has evolved into a permanent feature of the Northern California landscape, promoting Hindu religion and culture and providing a sanctum for human beings of all creeds. The Temple is a shining example of what a community could accomplish collectively in order to sustain its religious and cultural roots.

During 1994-1999, the number of devotees visiting the Temple increased dramatically, averaging nearly 1,000 families a month. On some occasions (e.g., New Years’ Day and Ganesha Chathurthi), more than 10,000 people visit the Temple. It was clear that in order to keep up with the exponential growth and improve the quality of its services, the HCCC sorely needed more space.

During 1998-1999 HCCC acquired the two parcels of land on the South and East sides of the property (the Dakshina Bhoomi and Poorva Bhoomi, respectively). These acquisitions were made possible with a combination of significant donations and loans by Bay area devotees, many of whom made our community proud with their dazzling entrepreneurial and technical success in the Silicon Valley.

The task of fund-raising in order to embark on capital projects and to maintain excellent service is never complete. The purchase of Dakshina and Poorva Bhoomi is the first step on our road towards the next millennium and the next Mahakumbhabhishekam in 2010. We welcome all of you to join us on this journey as we strive to preserve and protect our glorious legacy.

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